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Where Daydreams Never End ~*~~~**

Indie Fashion Designer, Fiber Artist ~ Independant Clothing Label Made in USA!
Ethical Practices & Production, Handmade Art Wear
READ the listing! Cell phones truncate/shorten so use a PC or laptop if possible. If you don't have access other than phone just ask I'll convo you the details. Please know this for all online purchases we have no control over YOUR phone. This is an important purchase it deserves your attention.

You may now choose tattered (unfinished, hand cut, raw) or Now available in fully finished for a more polished look just ask!

CUSTOM ORDER EARLY! Can be 7-10 business days on custom for Maternity and regular orders (non-wedding) In the USA. Two months Outside USA.

SCHEDULE: Contact me with where you are located and your deadline as well as which dress you are interested in. I do my best to obtain fabrics and fit you in but don't wait!

Hoping for a great experience for you! Everyone that read, asked questions, communicate have the best outcome.
Welcome to Etsy and my shop! Things may be new for you or at least ordering an important dress is ~ so I want to make it as easy for you as possible.
I'll get back to you quickly and I ship via Priority mail in the USA.

This is my living and income. I cannot create without at least a deposit to obtain materials and begin spending time on an order. Mass retailers can afford some loss but here you are buying from a one woman company.

If you have a figure you are not finding available for you in stores or elsewhere, you've come to the right place!

Rush fees won't be imposed unless last resort. Rush shipping not available as I already use 2-3 day priority in continental USA..

You're all having so much fun in my frocks!
~*~Prenatal photos at Oak Alley Plantation in Louisiana!
~*~Mardi Gras Queen wore my Black Licorice Top Fourth of July Boat Parade!
~*~Mommie & Two Little Girls having Photos!
~*~Vow renewal shown here:

In one day I can create something 34A then 44G and 36O as all busts and needs are met that I can!

Fashion design to me means cutting freehand and hand cut to achieve desired effects and always outside of the box thinking. I envision 3D and full of texture.

As a fiber artist I love manipulating fibers, melding them into something new and exciting. A recent customer shared with me that waiters in a restaurant said everyone is talking about your dress! That's what it's all about!

While creating a special niche market and clothing label I've also answered various aspects mass produced cannot.

As my designs are not skin tight abd therefore, appropriate around children and can be worn for many years along with a bit of weight changes.

Long or short torso, thin or wider arms, From AA to DDDD to G busts all deserve more than trying to fit a mold of some muse in a one size is supposed to fit all world.

I work 75+ hrs per week therefore, cannot discount my work -no one works overtime without pay but I pass what I can on to my customers by buying bolts of neutrals at a time while colors I have to purchase by the yard.

I am ONE person not a factory. I'm also not paid by a company with hourly wages so why I cannot pay for materials, sew all day or longer then take back a custom item like a company could.

WEDDINGS & Maternity, Special Events:
When you order I give you a short checklist of things you'll want to consider before any sizing is discussed. I really put a lot of importance on the special dress of your life!

Normally I ship about 4 weeks in advance not much before. I know how excited you are so I am here to guide you and make sure it's not too early as things WILL change so much along the way. At such a wonderful but stressful time in a woman's life we can gain or lose weight we've never done before, change mind on style, colors, shoe height which affects the length and so much more! It's for your best experience especially as I can't remake it or tweak it later due to issues that arise for you. It can be beyond your control as things normally progress in a wedding due to venue, bridesmaids, flowers, and many other aspects. I know this from being involved with many weddings over the years it's not about me wanting to but what I know is coming for you.

It's not your best interest on other opinions but show your Mom, etc before you order. After you receive it will not be best scenario for you. They may try to talk you in to other things while this being custom made was commission just for you and cannot be returned/resold. Many will buy several dresses and send all but one back so know this is not the case. Luckily there are many other events along the way mine can be worn at!

Join me and travel through my fantasyland of fibers and frocks!
Gail, Indie Fashion Designer & Fiber Artist
owner, All aspects from creation on!

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