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Savoy Faire Bridal Eco Art Clothing, Handmade in USA, Bachelorette, Bridal Shower, Flower Girl, Boho Bride, Destination Wedding, All Busts & Body Types & Maternity

I do everything I can for a wonderful experience and best end result just as I would for my own daughter. Custom garments do take care and planning on your part too.

If information is missing I do what I can to obtain what is necessary but I also make sure you receive your item within your timeframe. I don't sew for free or should I be expected to take back dresses when you forgot to tell me many things that you wanted, pictured in your mind or thought if you don't do this for a living. Tell me everything up front you are concerned with: About yourself, the bride and the wedding as a complete picture is so crucial and helpful in obtaining the best result for you!

These are not mass-produced and from some store where they pump out thousands. I spend hours creating for you and expect you'd understand I can only come up with what you've provided to me and not wait until your receive it to ask questions or think of things to tell me you wanted.

If you do not communicate to me prior to receiving there is not a "do over" button. Normally there isn't time to do over but if there is that is not up to me because you forgot to mention things that were crucial to my knowing. I'm onto other wedding dresses and already work a very full schedule so I cannot put another bride off. So if you don't have your game plan together I cannot allow another bride to suffer for it.

If the bride or anyone is not involved to begin with as you are a bridesmaid then why have her involved after you receive other than what she wanted? These are obvious breakdowns in communication and because many are buying too close to their events and in a rush there certainly may be disappointment. Brides contact me to beg my help after a FAIL but I can't hold anyone's hand. I do what I can that is humanly possible but not additional hours for free. Sometimes I can give some helpful advice or solve a problem so I don't mind one asking I just want to be clear that I may NOT be able to help.

If you don't pay until 3 days before your event and expect me to get it to you on time I do not do that. When given timeframes to pay you need to do that so YOU receive it in plenty of time. When you don't pay you don't receive it until very late or in time.

If your hotel does not give you a package or you don't check for it during a four day bachelorette party thru wedding that is out of my hands.

Copying feedback from what earlier people left is not original even though you also bought the cheapest dress possible but expect it to be as dazzling as a thousand dollar dress in your mind.

If you choose a different shoe height, add a push up bra, put Spanx on after you gave me measurements and after receiving the dress, yes the length/size will now be off of what you told me.

If you gain or lose an extraordinary amount of weight in the last two weeks prior to a wedding it will change things so of course I am not responsible for the dress to now fit you obviously nor can do anything so late in the game so you will need Spanx or whatever and if lost weight the ribbons will just cinch it in closer. Just tell me these may be an issue and I'll wait until as close as possible to get your latest sizing and create and ship fast. You need to remain same body mass from time of dress creation onward for optimal results and that is why I do not create more than a month in advance normally. If you want that, the fit will be your responsibility to fix later.

I look forward to working with those who are mature, savvy, and can communicate articulately, involve the bride right away if warranted and send me photos of colors, elements to exactly describe what you want. For example saying you want bell or cap sleeves without a photo of what you think they'd look like probably won't get the results you had in mind as from different periods of time were all unique so be specific so we can be on the same page.

Leave it in my hands and it will work! I dress women from petite small to tall plus sizes every day. If you don't, then this is not your area of expertise and just share everything you can with me so I can make it work! Thank you and I look forward to creating something lovely for your special day!

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