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Sisters. Co-Owners. Handcrafted goods for your friends, family & home
Sanding in our dad's "studio"
Baskets and baskets of burlap.
Paint under our fingernails, in our hair.
This is where it all starts.

A little sawdusty, but totally worth it

Our dad's studio (aka the garage below our bedrooms) used to rumble alive at 6:30am on a Saturday. Sanding, sawing to build a deck or fix the kitchen sink. The hum of mom's sewing machine was steady as she sewed doll clothes and first day of school outfits for us. Maybe as kids we didn’t embrace the early wake up, but it was inspiring to be around this creation, this love for hard work and handmade.

It’s funny, but now we sand, sew and saw away. The next generation, our children, run inside as we pull out our own sanding machine out of our own garage, our studio – Sawdust Market. This is the place that my sister and I go to where we create, design and build a product that we love. We ask ourselves this one question: “Would we put this in our own home?” If the answer is yes, we pour our essence into the item.

Maybe one day, the kiddos will love art and design as much as we do -- as much as mom and dad still do. But until then, we’ll be the front line to create beauty and get a little “sawdusty” while we do it.
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