Scandalously's Shop Announcement

This is my space at Etsy, you're very welcome!!!

VINTAGE LINE: It seems to me that using buttons to produce woman accessories is original and fun. In this case buttons are used to make people who wear them go to fashion and look original and unique.
Each of the buttons used were made by hand, from the impression in the cloth to the final step. They are covered in unique cloths. The choice of the images is about especial topics that give me the chance to use a lot of colours and give to the design a particular touch.
The result of all this, are accessories that can be adapted to the daily use or especial occasions, without loosing the fact of being a distinguished and feminine product.

ROMANTIC LINE: This is NEW in my shop. Without loosing the idea of the buttons I have put them in several designs of the collection, with new elements like ribbons and flowers, and more sober colours.
This is my way to offer you other sight of my products. I invite you to meet them!!!
I invite you to visit my shop doing click everywhere and in every picture ¡WELCOME!

IMPORTANT: most of my pieces are OOAK, that is to say maybe I won't repeat the design!

Any doubt please contact me.
I hope you like my job, thanks for your time!
And read my Shop Policies, please.