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Name of Business: Scented Soaps by Karen
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Natural soaps, lotions and so much more. I create all of my products, package them and have made this into a family business.

My number one hit over the past 2 months has been my all natural (everything is just that) bug spray and bug lotion. Selling to several stores in Massachusetts and shipping all over the country! Watch for freebies with every order!

Credit cards are accepted. However, please note, you do NOT have to have a PayPal account to use PayPal.
Testimonial --

"Karen, your product is what makes it work. We are all just along for the ride! No one
would have bought again had it not been such an amazing soap - and now you are just branching out into all kinds of products! I'm so excited for you." Adrienne. Massachusetts

I love what I do! Making soaps, lotions and special all natural products. Several years ago my daughter bought me a soap kit as a gift. From there I started buying small quantities of product from retail stores. I loved giving my products as gifts, to auctions for sale, all sorts of charities so that they could make money. I tried a few stores, to my surprise, they wanted soaps right away. Naming the soaps was simple, I am all about stories, memories and natural products. I have three daughter's and each of them had different needs. So, I started creating and ended up with 8 stores buying my products, my Etsy site and lots of orders from different countries. My business is growing and I am meeting some of the most awesome people, so, do what you love, work hard (really hard) and create!! Thanks to all that might be reading this that have already purchased from me! You are the best!

My products are all natural, paraben free and contain no toxins. Gentle enough for baby and a great soap and lotion for those that suffer from dry skin due to various reasons.

Please email me at Karenscentedsoaps4u [!at] if you would like me to fill a larger order than you see available. I can revise the amount available immediately.

ScentedSoapsbyKaren accepts credit cards directly through Etsy.

Shops and Boutiques carrying my products:

Coming to The Old Company Store, Wareham, MA 12/1/2013
The Christmas Farm Inn and Spa, Jackson, NH
Pure Barre Sudbury, MA
Something Special, Lincoln, MA
Selections Boutique, Sudbury, MA
Collections Gallery, Cape Cod, Sandwich, MA
Mermaids on Cape Cod

My perfume is made to last. I used beeswax, a carrier oil (the best) and only 100% essential oils. The packaging is beautiful and the perfume is so nice. Give it a try or buy it as a gift. I promise that this product has no fillers or additives. This is a solid perfume for easy delivery, storage and of course you can bring it anywhere. I use my perfume everyday and I assure you that you will find the purchase worth every single 'scent'.

My goal: To keep all soap, lotions, body scrubs and wash under $20.00 (most items are between 8 and 10.00 ~~ gift packages range from $22.00 - $28.00) Note: baby shower favors, bridal shower favors, fixed price for 50 pieces ~~ included with the favors, a beautiful jar of handmade cream made by me, for you!

I will continue to add a free thank you gift too!

I pull orders and fill orders daily. Once you have a 'completed' payment on PayPal, your ordered is packaged and shipped within one day. Most of the time I ship before the shipment date on Etsy. Usually 1-3 days. I want you to get your products as soon as possible. I for one, like to receive my own orders quickly.

I have a new baby package. One for boys, and one for girls. I use the best ingredients, all natural, made by me for you. The baby package includes: 2 mini bars of soap and a bottle or jar of lotion. Each package is slipped into a mesh bag with a snap. Then decorated with a pink or blue bow and a message from you. Tell me what you would like to say.
The final package is finished with white paper and then packaged with love for the new baby and Mom, of course. The scent of the soap, baby powder -- the scent of the lotion, similar to Johnson's baby lotion. I know you will love my new soothing, creamy lotion.

Check out my baby shower and bridal shower packages. I can custom make just about anything. Send me an email at Karenscentedsoaps4u [!at]

Please note: If you need a larger quantity of items, and there are only a few available, email me at Karenscentedsoaps4u [!at] and I will renew my list within 24 hours.

Karenscentedsoaps4u [!at]

Each soap is named after a special person or place in my life. I have Creamsicle scent named after my daughter STACIE. An amazing Smashin’ Strawberry named after my youngest daughter ERICA. A fresh Avocado Cucumber, eucalyptus scent named after my oldest daughter STEFANIE. Let me know what I can do for you, is there something missing that you would like? I have over 30 lotions and bars of soap to-date. All bars are at least 5.7 ounces, most are now 6 full ounces.

All items are well wrapped, packed and shipped immediately. I include buttons, with beautiful colored string to match.

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.