Scraprageous' Shop Announcement

Welcome to Scraprageous Handcrafted Items!

Due to travel, all orders received between 4/25/2015 and 5/12/2015 will be held to ship 5/15/2015. I will be available for questions, but the shop will not be shipping anything for those two weeks.

At Scraprageous - we not only enjoy creating scrapbook items, but I love to repurpose items! Scraprageous tote bags are created from used pet and animal feed bags. The tote size I create minimizes waste. The top tapes are recycled if they are paper. I only cut enough material from the bag for handles, so the majority of the bag remains in tact and capable of carrying the same load as originally designed - only this time - with handles!

If you don't see a style you like, feel free to email to ask about availability. Inventory is constantly changing. Usually I get more bags over the weekend. Not every design is listed due to the wide variety of dog and cat food bags available. Just ask - it might be available.

Standard processing time is 48 hours. Shipping days are Monday thru Friday. Saturday shipping is usually not possible.

Allergen notice: These are used feed bags. They are wiped down, but not run through a washing machine as that can damage bag strength. There is sometimes dust from feed particles that gets stuck between the fibers of these shopping totes. While it is food safe, I cannot remove every one of these particles. If you wonder what the ingredients of a particular feed are, I can send you the list from the bag.

The shopping totes are not waterproof. They are water tight, but will not hold large amounts of water for extended periods of time. They will not keep water out on a permanent basis.

Yes, they do work as planters on a deck, but the sun is harsh on the bag and I have never gotten more than a single season from the bag.

I also do not guarantee that these bags will prevent bedbugs from getting into your luggage at hotels, but I have been told by others they use them that way all the time. Yes, I do make large tarp type bags for luggage, I don't list online, but you can request a photo and price.

The uses for these repurposed bags is endless - they are not just for hauling groceries - try them for craft projects, storing roadside emergency kits in vehicles, gift giving, bulky toy storage, collection of fresh produce, and more! I would love to hear your ideas!

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.