Scribblegoat's Shop Announcement

Welcome to Scribblegoat! I offer customized assistance in writing site copy for online sellers. Whatever text you need, I can prepare it for you efficiently and in the way that suits your business best. Convo me for the current timeframe on getting the content you need!

Selling items online can be tricky because our words have to be powerful to make up for the experience of touching and handling an item. I've found that sellers of their own handmade work find this especially difficult, because uniting the bits of the brain that create with the bits that sell can be quite challenging -- and that's before we even tackle the problem of distancing ourselves from our own pieces enough to "talk them up."

Practice and training, though, can help forge the neural connections that let you craft stunning descriptions and engaging stories so your piece has maximum emotional impact on the customer.

I work with my clients one-on-one to create unparalleled site copy, primarily focusing on Etsy shop item descriptions, but also on enhancing your press releases, artist statements, and business correspondence.

I look forward to helping you give your artistry the glowing description it deserves!

scribblegoat [!at]


Scribblegoat is a barter-friendly Etsy shop! If you'd like to arrange a trade for copywriting, go ahead and contact me. Just please don't be offended if I'm unable to make the trade at a given time -- my income from this shop often goes to necessities. However, I've traded for lovely items in the past, so let me know what you're willing to barter and I'll do my best to see what we can negotiate!


You can visit me on Elance to view my professional profile: I do ask that you make any purchases on the website where you found me first! Etsy is a much more appropriate venue for small projects.

Or find me on Facebook for exclusive deals, special news, and amusing typos:!/pages/Scribblegoat-Copywriting/225717384165773?sk=wall