ScumSoaps' Shop Announcement

We at Scum Soaps are dedicated to providing the best possible, Genuinely Handcrafted Luxury Soaps, Body Butters, Candles, and Sugar Scrubs


While other soap-makers were swirling colors and making soaps that resembled food, we were only interested in one thing- getting back to the tradition of soap making. The history of this craft has been lost, as with many untold stories. Soap making was once a laborious chore. There were no formulas, just word of mouth. What women once did by hand for hours at a time we now use electricity to accomplish in minutes. They used whatever oils were available- such as olive oil in Europe, coconut oil in the Philippines, and in North America they used animal fats. The oils were mixed by hand with lye distilled from rain water and wood ashes. Extracting lye took months. The soap took a full day to make, and another two months before it was ready to use.

Our company was built on a great reverence and respect for these women, and we hope to continue the tradition of soap making in their honor. We understand that your skin is an organ- an important one. It is your body’s first and most reliable source of defense. As an organ, it deserves the best most loving care. This is essential for your very survival. By using the finest ingredients, paying attention to small details, and hand producing small batches we can ensure the quality and care put into every piece we sell. We use what we make, and thus set high standards and expectations for ourselves. If we don’t like it– we can’t expect anyone else to.
Wholesale customers welcome! We currently wholesale successfully at locations all around the world. For our wholesale catalog and ordering information, just send us a message.


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