SeaGlassRocks' Shop Announcement

We've got it bad for sea glass. And we're finally (almost a year after opening our Etsy shop!) ready to sell some jewelry. Most of our jewelry is made with sterling silver.

Visit to read our blog, where we wax poetic on our sea glassing adventures.

The sea glass used in our jewelry is hand-plucked from the north shore of Lake Erie (except for our mosaic pendants which are sometimes made with English Sea Glass). We are big fans of STERLING SILVER, and use it as often as we can.

Lake Erie has some FINE sea glass. To put it scientifically, Lake Erie has a high PH - almost as high as an ocean, and this helps to make the glass nice and frosty. (I read this in Richard LaMotte's Pure Sea Glass, a must-have book for any avid sea glasser!)

We collect glass in area called The Pelee Passage, where there have been 250 shipwrecks. (Check this out

The area was a popular summer attraction for many years and I'm sure some of the glass we find is from wild parties many moons ago. We find lots of old glass (80+ years old), and it's a rollicking good time to imagine where it originated.