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A short walk from my house and there is all the inspiration that I need.
Changing seasons and weather provide rich source material.
By the light of the moon...
A favourite hobby is beach combing.

Inspired by the ocean

I have always lived on the coast which has strongly influenced both my way of life and my paintings. The pull of the wide open space to the horizon, of what lies ahead – the mystery of it excites the imagination. The illusive effects of light are a challenge to paint: just as you think you’ve captured it…. it’s gone, and only the memory remains. Capturing the effects of light and the influences of the seasons reflecting over the ocean are endless sources of inspiration.

I spend a lot of time on site sketching, observing, experiencing and recording information. Whilst occasionally a painting is a record of a very specific time and place, more often a painting reflects a collection of times and multi layered memories and experiences which is reflected in the layering process used to make each piece. My pockets are always filled with treasures picked up from the shore which I take back to the studio to record.

I paint mostly in acrylic on canvas and paper, using a variety of paint application techniques such as dry brush and glazing. Acrylic is wonderfully versatile and can be used in the softest whisper of glaze or thick impasto and everything in between. Using a limited palette I build up areas of colour and tone in many layers. Each new layer is influenced and infused with the previous to achieve a colour intensity and radiance, adding to the rich surface patina and developing textual variations.

My second love is watercolour, I love the textures of granulating pigments and the delicacy of the colours. They lend themselves beautifully to capturing the intricacies of shells, feathers, seedheads and other objects that I pick up on my walks on the beach. I cannot resist a beautiful deckle edge on a sheet of watercolour or handmade paper.

I was born in Jersey; moving to Cornwall to study at Falmouth College of Arts before completing a degree in Fine Art at Southampton Solent University. I now live in Dorset, giving me another stretch of coastline to explore.
Lisa Le Quelenec
owner, Artist painter
I'm a full time artist living on the beautiful Dorset coast in the UK. I paint mostly coastal and marine subjects in acrylic and watercolour. I was born and raised on the tiny Channel Island of Jersey. The ocean is a very important part of my life.

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