SebaveStudio's Shop Announcement

We put a lot of effort to present you the best quality jewelry. We use a combination of handmade jewelery with amber and wood, which guarantees the best product.

We offer a wide selection of Unpolished Amber Jewellery. Unique. Has different colours of amber, orange, yellow and a deep orange. Handmade 100% certified genuine Baltic Amber.

With great passion we designs and manufactures jewelry, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and other ornaments.

Unpolished amber stones should wear people with thyroid problems, from cardiovascular and respiratory systems, and migraines. Amber has a very positive impact on our body. Wearing beads from raw, unpolished amber prevent respiratory diseases, thyroid, heart, breasts. To strengthen the body, men should keep Amber in her left hand, women - in the right.

AMBER - gives sunny disposition and favors success in business. This is the stone of success, which feeds our special ability to develop them in the most favorable manner. Bestows wit and wisdom in finance.