SecondHandSorcery's Shop Announcement

Welcome to our Shoppe- we are Grimbledung (I'm the one on the left) and Drimblerod. Together we are the proprietors of Second Hand Sorcery. We are the place to go for custom made, solid wood Magical Wands. Especially if you are looking for something of dubious origin. If you are looking for resin (plastic) wands, you are in the wrong place.

REAL NOTE: Everything we have is solid wood from properly managed forests in the USA or recycled wood- no China wood whatsoever! Now, we do at times use leather from some Italian and Spanish beast, as well as metal banding, and power crystals- but never enough to be dangerous. At least to ourselves, that is.

ANOTHER REAL NOTE: Vegetarian or Vegan wands are available on request! If you see a wand you like and do not want it to contain leather, please contact us and we will work with you to get you a wand you will be comfortable with.

FINALLY - Each wand we sell is unique. Even if you order two of the same style wand, in the same colors- they will be different. All of our wands are shipped with a Certificate of Origin within a Dragon-Breath sealed Anti-Magic bag, and a carrying tube.

So come in and have a look- just don't hang about TOO long. We like customers, we just don't LIKE customers...
--- G. Sixtoes

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.