Senobar's Shop Announcement

Holiday Sale continues until November 30th!!! Use this coupon code for 20% discount at checkout "112715". Happy shopping!
Welcome to my corner of Etsy! I love metalwork, mixing metals and gemstones and using different metalsmith and metalwork techniques to give my handmade art jewelry an organic look. I am sorry that I can't take on any custom work. Here is how to clean your silver and mixed metal jewelry: The only thing that is safe for your jewelry ( even gold) without affecting the patina and precious stones is baking soda. Make a thick paste of baking soda with adding a bit water and dip a toothbrush in this mix and brush your piece with this baking soda paste for a bit. You can also leave the piece in such mix for a few minutes and then brush with toothbrush. Rinse your piece with warm water and quickly dry by just patting your piece with a dry and clean paper towel. The shine will be back to your piece! You can also use ketchup to clean your copper and brass jewelry!

Just for customer information, the silver, copper and brass sheets used in my work are bought from "Rio Grande" , a very reputable USA Jewelry Supplies Super Store with recycling program.

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.