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Announcement   PRODUCTION UPDATE: We are taking our first vacation in June! Questions and inquiries will be answered up to June 6th. A vacation hold will be placed on our shop until June 18th.

We've just reorganized our shop sections by ring styles. If you would like to narrow it further, you can use our shop search bar for stone shape or type. Feel free to message us if you have any questions.


Last updated on Jun 3, 2017

PRODUCTION UPDATE: We are taking our first vacation in June! Questions and inquiries will be answered up to June 6th. A vacation hold will be placed on our shop until June 18th.

We've just reorganized our shop sections by ring styles. If you would like to narrow it further, you can use our shop search bar for stone shape or type. Feel free to message us if you have any questions.

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1jillhill on Apr 26, 2017

5 out of 5 stars
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The ring is delicate and beautiful. Exactly what we were looking for. It arrived ahead of scheduled and was as discribed. The Forever One Charles & Clovard stone came with the warranty registration card and authenticity verification. So happy with the 8x6 emerald cut, not too big not too small and the stone is gorgeous.


oceansave7 on Feb 28, 2017

5 out of 5 stars
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Absolutely stunning!!! The mossanite is prettier than the actual diamonds!!! Simply gorgeous!

Keri Kochenour

Keri Kochenour on Feb 22, 2017

5 out of 5 stars
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Just received my ring and it's absolutely beautiful! Kristin was great to work with. I couldn't have asked for more - thank you so much!!! ❤

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An Asscher cut Moissanite makes such a lovely solitaire.
We love receiving photos and updates from clients! This was a surprise proposal in Italy.
"We're in Venice, trip is a blast! The ring was a huge hit! It was magical!! Big big thanks again."

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The details on the setting are simply stunning!
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Timeless Treasures

I love jewelry, and that love affair started very early in my life! Some of my fondest childhood memories were with my Grandma when she showed me the treasures in her jewelry box. She was a very proper Victorian lady who cared deeply for her family, so each piece had a story or something special about it that Grandma would take time to share with me. From her I learned about karat distinctions of gold, what gemstones were to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, special milestones in our lives, and that jewelry is a timeless treasure. She didn’t think much of costume jewelry, or flashy pieces made of inexpensive materials, but preferred small, delicate works of art with exquisite, albeit small stones or pearls. Two of my most treasured possessions are the ring and broach she gave me. Each is set with her birthstone, a ruby.

In 1999 I enrolled in the Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts in San Francisco taking several classes before being invited to study with Alan Revere in his first Jewelry Technician Intensive program. Thanks to his kindness, guidance, and excellent instruction every step of the way, I learned the skills necessary to make the designs in my head become realities and I successfully completed the Jewelry Association Certification exams.

I've had the privilege of making beautiful wedding jewelry for couples in my community for the past 16 years. In 2013 when my son proposed to the love his life I had the privilege of helping him design a beautiful engagement ring that was perfect for her. That experience has led me to create an Etsy shop dedicated to beautiful custom and vintage inspired engagement rings and timeless jewelry.


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  • Lynette

    Owner, Designer

    Lynette has been creating and designing from the time she was a little girl. In 1999 she studied with Alan Revere at the Revere Academy in San Francisco which gave her the technical foundation to be able to create anything her mind could image.

  • Kristen

    Owner, Design Consultant & Customer Service, Photographer

    Kristen is Lynette's daughter and has been working behind the scene's for the past 10 years. She slowly became more and more involved a few years ago after picking up a camera and taking photos of Lynette in the studio and of her work.

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  • Casting Production Partner

    Lafayette, LA

    In order to keep up with demand we have begun working with a production partner for our casting needs.

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Frequently asked questions

About our metals and gemstones

We believe in creating jewelry that you feel beautiful wearing but that you can also feel good about wearing. All of our listings use 100% recycled gold, platinum, or palladium. Many of the center stones we use are grown in a lab and all of our accent diamonds are certified conflict free, are natural and untreated, and are tracked through an auditing process at every stage, from the time they are mined until they become polished stones.

What is palladium?

Palladium is a member of platinum metal family and has many of same properties as platinum. It is closer in price to white gold because it is less dense than platinum. Our palladium rings are made with .950 palladium, meaning they are 95% pure palladium. Therefore it's hypoallergenic and wonderful for people who are allergic to the nickel found in white gold. Unlike white gold, it is naturally white and doesn't require rhodium plating and is more scratch resistant and won't tarnish.

What are lab-grown gemstones?

Lab-grown gemstones are exactly as the sound, gemstones that are grown in a laboratory. These are not fake, gem simulants, or imitation gemstones like cubic zirconia (CZ). Lab grown gemstones are optically and chemically identical to gemstones mined out of the earth. Instead of forming for millions of years in the earth's mantle, they are created in rough crystal forms by scientists. There are many benefits for using lab-grown gemstone which include being able to avoid environmental and humanitarian problems. Because these stones are grown in a lab you can know with complete certainty that these stones and free from conflict and they are stones you can feel good about wearing.

About Charles & Colvard

Moissanite was named for Dr. Henri Moissan, the man who discovered it in 1893 in material collected from a meteor crater in Arizona. Moissanite was born from a meteorite over 50,000 years ago. These incredibly brilliant rare crystals had never been seen before and might have been called “diamonds from space.” This mineral is extremely rare and nearly impossible to find in nature. Due to it’s rarity, this gem would have never been able to be used in jewelry until the process for growing gems in a laboratory was discovered. Moissanites are stunning because they have more “fire” than any other gemstone and have 10% more brilliance and luster than diamonds

About FOREVER ONE™ Moissanite

The new FOREVER ONE™ Moissanite is the first colorless grade of moissanite. In creating the FOREVER ONE™ gem, Charles & Colvard hand selects and expertly polishes only the world’s finest moissanite. Then, through a proprietary process using extraordinary, cutting edge twenty-first century technology, each gemstone is transformed to a higher standard of the Gemological Institute of America’s colorless spectrum and is graded in the D-E-F range. Each FOREVER ONE™ Moissanite comes with a limited lifetime warranty from Charles and Colvard.

Please visit to learn more and/or register your new FOREVER ONE™ gem.

About Chatham lab-grown gemstones

As a young boy, Carroll Chatham was intrigued by chemistry. At the age of 12 he created a laboratory in his family’s garage. He discovered Henri Moissan and attempted to replicate his 1890’s experiments to create diamonds.

In 1931, Chatham began attending CalTech but left his emerald growing efforts running in his family’s garage. One day, Chatham father turned off the power to his son’s experiment. This small twist of fate caused the emerald crystals to grow but it took Carroll another 3 years to understand why. When he did, he never had another failure and the Chatham legacy was born.

Today Chatham creates gorgeous green emeralds, velvety blue sapphires,and stunning red rubies. Their lovely clarity that makes them glow with light.

Are natural gemstones or diamonds available?

Yes, every lab-grown Moissanite or Chatham gemstone ring can be made with a natural diamond or gemstone. Please message us if you would like a quote.

Shipping & Insurance

All orders will be shipped via FedEx and will require a direct signature. Jewelry will be insured until the item is delivered.

After delivery, insuring jewelry for theft or loss (including the center stone) is the customer's responsibility and are typically covered by most homeowner's or renter's insurance. Please verify what your individual policy covers with your insurance company.

Do you offer payment plans?

PayPal now offers financing. With PayPal Credit, you can enjoy special financing offers no interest if paid in full in 6 months. More information about this program can be found at

Care instructions

Quality is paramount to our brand and we check each piece before its shipped to our customers. Please keep the following in mind when caring for your jewelry:

We recommend your jewelry be the last thing you put on in the morning and the first thing you take off in the evening. Last on in the morning - lotions, hairspray, perfume, or harsh detergents which can often cause damage to jewelry. First off in the evening - surprisingly enough, sheets and clothing can compromise the prongs of your ring that keep your center stone securely in place.

We recommend a gentle jewelry cleaner to keep your new ring looking beautiful and sparkly. Avoid using harsh chemicals like bleach which can damage fine jewelry.