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We are wrapping up the Tucson gem show and will be making all the new treasures available soon. We represent less than 1% of our inventory here in our etsy shop, so if theres something you're looking for please just send me a message and I'll be happy to help you connect with the crystals you're looking for.

03/20/2015 -
All sections except for the PICK4U section will be 20% OFF for the next ten days.
This is a rare opportunity for great savings on some already fair priced items I've recently listed, including:
my own hand crafted Jewelry pieces
Russian Sulfur
Faerie Stones from Canada
Labradorite and Rose Quartz Hearts
Brazilian Quartz w/ Chlorite Inclusions
Natural Citrine from the Congo
"Pakimer" Diamond Quartz w Petroleum Enhydros
Lybian Tektite
Herkimer Diamonds
Fern Fossils
and More!

Thank YOU so much for your support! As digging season nears, every little bit of extra revenue goes toward tools, supplies, and preparations for what I hope will be the most successful yet!

Back from the Tucson Gem and Mineral show with a huge stock of varied rarities, including but certainly not limited to:

New Libyan Tektite
New Selenite from Cave of the Giants
New Danburite from Mexico
Rogerley Fluorite
New Phenacite crystals from Burma
Fluorescent oil enhydro Quartz from Pakistan
Raw Ruby Crystals from Viet Nam
large A grade Moldavite
A new stock of popular PICK4U items like Moldavite and Magnetite
Aqua Aura Quartz
Angel Aura Quartz
Tanzan Aura Quartz
Aqua Aura Danburite

Check back often for new listings of these fabulous new materials going up every day and an unannounced springtime sale sometime in the next month!
Of course I will be listing some of the treasures I dig personally like Herkimer Diamonds and Fern Fossils intermittently as well.

We are currently in Arizona for the worlds largest international Gem and Mineral show!
If you have any special requests, now is the time. I will be happy to find your special crystal or fill your custom order.
Stay tuned for a Sale in the near future, followed by a flood of great new material!

20 Percent Off Holiday Sale
running through December 24th!

If you are concerned about your item arriving in time please purchase a PRIORITY mail upgrade and I will send it right out the next day USPS Priority mail.

Holiday Sale:
Today - 11/28/2014 receive 11% OFF EVERYTHING storewide!
Check back often as we will be featuring more surprise sales now through the end of the year!

Starting this week I'm listing a wide array of new material! Ive just returned from The Denver International Gem Show with a clutch of new treasures. Some brand new finds from this past year including:
NEW Selenite Crystals from Naica Mexico
NEW Danburite from Mexico
Ametrine from Bolivia
Beta Quartz w Huebnerite from Mongolia
Datolite from Mexico
Prehnite w Epidot
Hyalite Opal

I'll be listing Herkimer Diamonds and other crystals I've dug over the summer as the cool fall weather pushes us indoors. Stay tuned for a steady flow of new earthly delights now through the holidays.

Ive just returned from an epic digging adventure in upstate New York where I hit an amazing pocket of Herkimer Diamonds! We had to cut it short and set up our booth at the Gilsum NH rock show, but I'm returning tomorrow to dig more herks!
This Summer Sale will run for one more week, dont miss the opportunity to get a great deal on that special crystal you've found in my shop and support my treasure hunt at the same time.

Some of the exciting new treasures I will be stocking include:

Fulgurite (frozen Lightning!)
Lybian tektite


Quartz w/
Sphalerite &

New Danburite

Quartz w/ hematite
Beta Quartz w Amethyst
Smokey quartz w Spessartite garnets

and that's just a sneak peak!!

I really appreciate your support, I don't miss an opportunity to say so and I really mean it. Its because of you, people purchasing these mineral specimens make it that Im able to be out there chasing my dreams, living in the shoes of my heroes like a real life Indiana Jones, risking life and limb at the slight chance of a modest payoff.
Meeting fantastically interesting new characters along the way, gaining insight and training from learned men and specialists, applying it just in time to overcome the challenge and be broadsided by the next hurdle. Just to get up, dust myself off, and dive right back in.
"When you love what you do, you'll never work a day in your life"
Thank You.

Check back often to see what sort of new treasures we've unearthed, and like us on face book under "Seth Maranuk Designs" to see show schedules, real time updates, and action shots from the digging adventures.

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