Eclipse Top and Scarf
Meteorite Section Top, Scarf, Tee
Planets Scarf and Top
Thor Nebula Top and Scarf
Asteroid Tee, Eclipse Top and Scarf

Occupy Outer Space

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Shadowplaynyc was founded by Ximena Chouza and Ali Bennaim, two space obsessed designers based in Brooklyn, NY.

Xime was born in San Diego but grew up in Mexico City, and Ali was born in Venezuela and grew up in Miami. We both attended Parsons The New School for Design, where we acquired a BFA in Fashion Design.

Most of our garments are hand-made by us in our Brooklyn studio, and all of our fabrics are custom printed. We use real images from our universe, which can range from galaxies thousands of light years away to the beautiful things found on Earth.

All of our swimwear is made collectively with a sewing workshop in El Salvador that specializes in high-quality swimwear.

We aim to be always ecologically responsible. Besides carefully hand-making each garment and sourcing all of our supplies locally, we use many organic fabrics and employ a waste-saving technique. This means that we design most of our garments to use up almost every inch of fabric, leaving next to nothing for the landfill.

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Ali Bennaim
Owner, Maker, Designer
Ximena Chouza
Owner, Designer, Photographer
Sally White
Assistant, Wholesale
Shadowplaynyc uses 2 manufacturers.


  • Sewing Collective El Salvador Production facility that specializes in high quality swimwear.
  • XIUZU KNITTING CO.,LTD China Manufacturer of knitted socks.

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