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I send great gratitude to all my wonderful customers! I am placing my shop on vacation while I catch up on all the orders I received in a short period of time.

You can communicate with me through Etsy's convo system. I am monitoring it the same as I do when the shop is live.

I will re-open my Etsy Shop soon.

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Note from shop owner

Last updated on Dec 15, 2020

Hi Everyone!

I send great gratitude to all my wonderful customers! I am placing my shop on vacation while I catch up on all the orders I received in a short period of time.

You can communicate with me through Etsy's convo system. I am monitoring it the same as I do when the shop is live.

I will re-open my Etsy Shop soon.

Blessings & Love,

Sheri Taber

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Shamanic Practitioner

Award Winning Leader. Teacher. Healer.

A child of the 60s, I grew up in a conservative home, raised by parents whose definition of spirituality meant Sunday School, bedtime prayers, and never using God’s name in vain. To say Spirit was in a very small box is an understatement.

I was born with a gift of “knowing and seeing.” Although all my family members are gifted in this way, the gift was feared and misunderstood, dismissed and quickly brushed away.

The older I became, the more I dismissed the information that came to me, the visions that I saw, and the jaw-dropping things I simply “knew.”

At 32, I had a life-altering awakening.

It followed an abrupt manifestation of complete darkness and conceptual meaninglessness. Some refer to what I experienced as the dark night of the soul.

It was a palpable, visceral spiritual awakening. I received a profound, audible message and charge from God. The kind you know you cannot ignore. So, I answered it.

I began to open up to my gifts and use them. Lives were changed. Miracles happened. Healings happened. It was as if the tools in the box I had been carrying my whole life opened up. It was magical.

I soon discovered I have the gift of healing, as well.

Over the last 30+ years, I used my gifts in my management consulting practice to achieve unprecedented business growth for my CEO and business owner clients. My visionary and intuitive gifts are a powerful ally on behalf of my clients.

I used my gifts to bring healing to abuse survivors, to my children, and to animals.

This work is increasingly exciting and awe-inspiring. It is an honor to work with my clients and witness miracles, growth, and healing.

I’ve raised three beautiful kids and throughout my life, like you, I’ve experienced the highest highs and the lowest lows. I continue in my philosophy to embrace and evolve; giving no space or headroom for negativity to root.

I survived domestic violence and divorce and then I experienced the miraculous healing of a condition that left me with 90 days to live, I survived a fatal blood infection that left me with hours to live and miracles that spared me from fatal events.

I’m a Survivalist. A Thriver. A Leader. A Teacher. A Healer.

Nearly 10 years ago, a great cloud moved over the top of my shower. I looked up in wonder and heard an audible voice say that I was to see a Shaman for specific healing. This opened a door to a world I couldn’t believe I hadn’t yet experienced. Once I walked through that door, I experienced a whole new world of spiritual enlightenment, empowerment, direct revelation, and healing abilities.

Shamanism is the most ancient spiritual practice known to humankind. The power of intention is literally transformative.

In my quest to teach people the transformative power of personal intention and meditation, I realized how important and empowering using one’s own dedicated and personal sacred rattle can be. Your personal rattle, dedicated to the highest good, healing, and work and empowered by Spirit can catalyze the progress and the success of your intention and personal healing and your practice.

There are many published scientific studies that reveal the health and immune system benefits of rattling and drumming.

One of my favorite ceremonies is to teach people to find and radiate their inner light. The light that is your being, your spirit. It is the reflection of Source, The Creator.

Once we remember and reconnect with our light, remembering our purpose for coming to Earth in this lifetime is also possible. This begins the path of accelerated consciousness, evolvement, and empowerment. It is possible then to begin understanding the healing and transformative power of your radiant light.

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I am so very passionate about helping others discover and embrace the possibilities in their world, the wisdom, the healing, and the possibilities for growth and good that exist.

It is my absolute pleasure and my purpose to teach and awaken light, life, purpose, personal empowerment, conscious growth, healing and love within everyone and every business with an interest and passion for more.

If you don’t see “your” rattle or the service you need in my listings, message me. We'll connect and I'll get a little information from you and work with spirit to create your unique rattle or in the case of a service, I'll let you know if I am able to support you in that way.

If you feel you are ready to grow forward, check out my digital guided journeys. If you are seeking more, I would be delighted to work with you.


I've been a business owner for more than 35 years. I built my award-winning practice upon my personal principles:

- Be driven by a higher purpose for the highest good of myself and others
- Love, kindness and sincerity matter
- Value everyone
- Be mindful and other-conscious
- Champion meaningful and delightfully memorable engagements
- Communicate clearly
- Understand and respect the perspective of the other person
- Practice authenticity and be authentically respectful
- Always be transparent, trustworthy and honest
- Tenacious pursuit of excellence in everything
- Listen, understand and resolve my customer's concerns

My shamanic services and healing tools are inspired and blessed by spirit on behalf of you and your needs. They are crafted in ceremony and in collaboration with my helping spirits.

Each tool is unique. No two tools will be exactly the same. What may appear to be imperfections are part of the nature of working with mother earth's elements and as such are part of the sacred design.

I want you to be happy. I want you to be successful. I promise that if you are not satisfied with your purchase, I will do everything in my power to remedy that.

My success is built upon my reputation, your referrals, and your testimony of a fabulous experience. My success is dependent on fulfilling my promise.

If you feel you didn't receive a 5 STAR product or experience, please message me privately with a description of your concern and give me a chance to make your experience worthy of a 5 STAR rating. I promise you will be delighted you did.

Love, Light & Blessings,

Please note that all shamanic practices, services, products, healing, any metaphysical definitions and folklore noted in my listings are for informational purposes only and are not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment and do not imply a guarantee of effect.

Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified healthcare provider with any questions you have regarding a medical condition and BEFORE undertaking any alternative health program or alternative health or healing products or services.

If you are pregnant or believe you are suffering from an illness or health concern it is imperative that you consult with your physician before using or implementing my products or services. Shamanic tools, services and information are a holistic complementary healthcare practice and should never replace the advice, recommendations, or prescriptions provided by a healthcare practitioner.

Neither Sheri Taber, her Etsy shop, nor The Shamanic Practitioner, LLC is responsible for any adverse effects resulting from your use or reliance on any product or information contained in our listings, services or products.

The purchaser releases the seller from any and all liability incurred in their use of this product or service.

NOTICE: In Accordance with Indian Arts and Crafts Act (Act), Public Law 101-644, the products in my store are created by me and are not produced by enrolled members of federally or officially State recognized Indian tribes.

Shop members

  • Sherí T.

    Owner, Shamanic Practitioner, Energy Healer

    Goal: Restore balance & wholeness at spirit level to address root of problem & achieve desired outcomes. Divine needed wisdom. Common Outcomes -RESOLVE: power loss, physical/emotional illness, frequent bad luck/accidents, eliminate negative energies.

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Frequently asked questions
Custom and personalized orders

I will give you my best estimate as to the time it will take to complete your custom order.

Once the design & elements have been agreed upon, custom orders must be paid for in advance and are non-refundable, nor eligible for store credit.

Rattle or Other Shamanic Tool Elements - If your product requires an element that I don't have in stock, I will do my best to get it as quickly as possible. If the element is unavailable, I will contact you immediately with alternative recommendations.

If the alternative option is not satisfactory to you, I will refund your purchase in full.

Your complete satisfaction is my goal.

Packaging & Care of Your Product

Your rattle or tool is made with animal hide and other potentially fragile natural elements. The rawhide rattle head is the perfect density and quality to compliment the voice of the rattle and if cared for properly, will last for years.

Because it is made of genuine rawhide (unless otherwise stated), it is delicate, fragile and vulnerable to environmental conditions. Humidity, dryness or impact can significantly damage or destroy your rattle.

* NOTE: Rawhide is an animal product & has natural oils in it. It is rare, but possible for the oils, the dye, or the paint used to decorate the rattle to transfer to some surfaces.

Reindeer - Qualities and abilities as power animal

Reindeer symbolize:

- Wisdom, resourcefulness, cleverness, knowledge, creativity, inventiveness, cleverness,
- Gentleness, caring
- Cunning survivalists, able to live in brutal environments
- Savvy knowledge
- Nobility, worthiness
- Protection, perseverance
- Journeying, wandering, mobile, safe travels, strength, endurance
- Aids in spiritual transition, communication, social abilities
- Finding inner peace and your place as you journey through life, retaining personal power
- Adaptability in adversity; tenacity to go the distance
- Lessons in taking an active role in caring for the herd
- Leadership as guidance, not dominance in mobilizing teamwork

Bear - Qualities and abilities as power animal

Bear medicine teaches & provides:

- Known as the great healer; the embodiment of spiritual power, physical strength
- Introspection
- Awakens the strong force of the unconscious
- Discovery of answers to your questions
- Connect to your innermost wisdom, blending intuition, inner knowing, instinct
- A symbol of the dreamtime, journey, transformation
- Reminder - in sleep you become receptive to the Great - - Mother who nurtures you
- Teaches to lose your ego, return to your primal and elemental nature
- Reminder that you are part of Infinity & The Universe, - - - The Divine, The One
- The power to go within to discover your deepest resources, the light, your inner knowing
- Intuition to find your way “home”
- Restore balance & harmony

Goat - Qualities and abilities as power animal

Goat’s medicine provides abundance, independence, surefootedness, the understanding of nature energies and beings, the determination to seek new heights and agility.

- Goat medicine teaches and provides:
- Creation of a solid foundation
- Develops confidence as we expand and target new achievements
- Reminder to let go of familiar routines and beliefs - that may be
holding you back
- Enhance independence and strength
- Reveal and remind to take care of your basic needs and perfect
survival skills
- Attunement to natures energies and navigational abilities
- Ability to discover new territories with confidence
- Insight into aspects of your true self
- Increased confidence
- Support and clarity in challenging situations

Bird - Qualities and abilities as power animal

Feathers of Bird are an important element of your rattle and contribute far more than beauty. Bird spirit is a symbol of freedom and perspective. Bird spirit is a messenger from Spirit, providing you with a bridge between the physical and spiritual life.

Bird medicine teaches and provides:

- Liberation
- Connection with Air & Earth elements
- Fly with Bird to get the full picture
- Finding your voice
- Symbol of things new
- Luck, love, joy
- Positive changes
- Health
- Wisdom
- Peace
- Faithfulness
- Magic
- Strength, honor
- Support in times of transition
- Assists in remembering your dreams
- Grounding when you need it most

Horse - Qualities and abilities as power animal

Invokes increased intuition. Horse has the strength, motivation, and stamina to ride up from Middle Earth and ascend to the heavens and beyond.

Horse medicine teaches and provides:

Confidence, Nobility, Visionary gifts
Carries the medicine person between the worlds
Facilitates spiritual awakening, growth, symmetry with independence and responsibilities
Service to self & others
Connect to the earth & spiritual energies & abilities
Travel across time & space
Epic power of mind, body, & spirit
Fertility and sexuality
Trusting relationships

Wolf - Qualities and abilities as power animal

Wolf helps you place trust in others and brings strength to break away from the pack when needed. Their commitment and love of family is humbling. Their communication skills elegant, and their extreme intelligence awe inspiring.

Wolf as a power animal implies a deep & loyal bond. When you call on Wolf, Wolf appears.

Highly developed third eye or 6th sense
Strong social character, ability to trust, confidence
Vigilance & balance
Reminds us we have the tools needed for the job
Empowers freedom, autonomy, employs your animal instincts, when necessary
Teaches personal power, balance, self-control
Helps you find others of like mind
Ability to claim and hold your sacred space

Metaphysical Properties of the Rattle and Elements of the Rattle's Voice

See Individual Listings For the Metaphysical Properties of the Rattle and Elements of the Rattle's Voice