ShannonRDvintage's Shop Announcement

Hello! I haven't been adding new items lately because I work full time plus school, and it's exam time, but this next moth before summer school starts I will be adding more items!

I get a lot of private messages about shipping to other countries--what I usually do is take the item to the post office to find out the shipping price and will add it to the item. Just let me know if you want the item on hold while I do so. As for US shipping, the price includes packaging, shipping, and tracking, and if any come less than $5.00. I will reimburse you. Remember I have to buy the shipping materials, too!

Please note that vintage equals USED, so not everything is going to be perfectly new looking. Also, I can't guarantee that everything is vintage because I don't have the exact dates things were produced, but to the best of my knowledge, everything is at least 20 years old.

Looking for something in particular? Send me a convo and let me know. When I am out and about looking for items to use for jewelry-making purposes, I can keep an eye out for you, too! Happy shopping!