SheWhoStamps' Shop Announcement

°°°°SHIPPING NOTICE°°°° I will be unable to ship anything until December 8th. If this affects your purchase please send me a conversation. Thank you!

Know this- I am a friendly human, and I like you. Know THIS... I make all kinds of randomness, anything goes. If you'd like to request a custom item, I'd be happy to give your ideas a try. Also know this- you guys are the bestest- no foolin'!!

It is my goal to do something creative every day. It is also my goal to do something weird every day. If I can create something weird then all the better! If there is something special you'd like to see please convo me. I'm happy to work on a custom item for you- and will email a picture when it is completed. If you like it, I will make a reserved listing just for you. If you don't like it, you can tell me to buzz off and there will be no hard feelings. I think your ideas are awesome, so I'm sure someone else will agree too. That's right, I'll list that item for some other internet stranger to enjoy, that's how I roll. That is, unless you want me to make something that says, "Samantha loves Bryan to the max! True love always! Bryan is my shmoopy doopy gumdrop! OMG and Woooo!!!" If that's your idea, then I'm going to hold you to that one. But seriously, some of my best work is done on custom items and special requests, please don't hesitate to ask! Have a look at my sold items, I can always make something similar for you.

Want sneak previews of what I'm working on? Visit my seldom updated (honesty is important) website-! I've also got a facebook page. If you'd like to like me, and I'd like it if you did, visit and click it!

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.