ShelfElves' Shop Announcement

These irresistible elf-dolls, around 12" high, cater to the wildest imagination. Pose them on any surface or computer monitor; hang them off a wire, pole-dance them, pose them in pairs - they're up for anything! They're hand-made by me from clay, wire and fabric in Wales, where we know about elves. Order one now - it's playtime!

Contact me with your requirements, as follows:

Gender: male or female - please specify which you want.
Hair colour: black; platinum blonde, brown (silver-tipped); brown (sable-tipped); orange.
Jacket: I can do most colours and shades
The trousers/skirt will be a cotton fabric of my choice which tones in with the jacket. All All girl elves wear white cotton lace trimmed drawers under the skirt.
Boy elves can have a striped knitted team scarf (state team and colours) at no extra cost if required.

CHRISTMAS ELF: Male, with red and green felt outfit trimmed with bells and felt hat with bobble.