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Inspired From So Many Wonderful Women

I have always loved to do crafts. I had some wonderful women in my life that inspired me. My grandmother's both sewed, crocheted and embroidered as did their aunts and my Granny made quilts and embroidered as well. My mom did all kinds of crafts like decoupage, quilting, embroidery and sewing. Momma always let me have the freedom to explore and be creative even when I'm sure it was quite frustrating at times. My Grandma used to sell her crafts at the Dr.'s office, bowling alley and out of her living room. I always admired the fact that she made extra money doing something creative and that she enjoyed. Grandma always wanted one of her grandaughters to carry on her love of crochet and I guess I am the lucky one to have that honor. So I hope you enjoy the items that I make as much as I enjoy making them!
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Hi! I'm Sherry and I have 8 kids ranging in ages from 6-35 and 13 grandkids with #14 due in 2 weeks. I love to craft and really try to make everything good quality and something that I would like to receive or be happy with if I purchased it.

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