ShesSoCraftyGoods1's Shop Announcement

Completely Totally like For Real Handmade Baby Shoes and Accessories.
Made from luxe wool felts with all handcrafted embellishments perfect for your tiny babes and toddling tots. We design with color and bold style and fun in mind.

Our New Shipping Policies: ALL orders will ship within 3 weeks. That's 21 business days. Why so long? I also have a side gig as at a Lobbying Firm as a part time job. Mixing my love of color and creating and organizing with my love of real life politics. SO in order to keep the makery alive I have had to make some adjustments in my shipping timeline to keep everyone sane and their expectations able to be met (don't try to organize and plan a congressional briefing and make stuff at the same time trust me it doesn't work out). If it's not busy things will move faster. My busiest season is September thru the Holidays. My best piece of advice is to order as early as possible for the Holiday season. When it gets too busy I will put the shop on vacation mode. My max order per week right now is 6-8. When the flow gets to heavy the shop will be placed on Vacation mode and I will not take new orders until the queue is cured. If you pop in and the shop is on vacation mode check back in a few days. This helps not only my sanity but yours as well.

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.