SheyneDesign's Shop Announcement

Welcome to my store { Gili. } Here you can find a wide range of unique jewelry - earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings- that you will not find anywhere else. I design and produce every little detail in my studio. I am making the jewels with lots of love and care about every little detail. I am choosing the plexiglass plate, cutting the shapes one by one in my studio and then I am mixing and matching them all together in to one perfect piece.
The various collections connects the pop bit culture into the world of accessories.
The brand is associated with the material Plexiglas - I design it, challenging it, investigating every aspect of it and combines it with other materials.
This wonderful material allows me the mix of pop bit into the world of accessories - light with a classical side, large mixed with small extroverted and sensitive side but- most importantly- fun.
My studio is my playground - every encounter with the Plexiglas creates a new and dizzying carousel.

My name is Gili, and I design in Israel. Graduated with honors Design Academy WIZO Haifa, Israel. My Studio is sitting in Haifa, overlooking the combination of urnan industrial Zone chimneys against the sea and quiet.

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The jewelry is designed, cut and connected by using laser cutting techniques.

Stop by often and check the new designs, as every day is a new day encountering this new material and there’s no way knowing where that will lead.