Shirret's Shop Announcement

SUPPLIES for Shirret and Crochet Rug Making. The word Shirret rhymes with Crochet. Add fabric scraps that you've shirred or basted onto my specially engineered needle as you crochet with cotton cord - and you get colorful art carpets ~ Luxury from scraps of used fabric! Shirret is Upcycling and Craft Activism, saving us from Climate Change. We're the 3rd and 4th generations of Shirret, the source for every supply and all the advice how-to you need. Visit I design, make and collect Shirret, curate shows and educate. Since 1930, my gran, mom & I developed it, gave it a pretty name in 1968, and we've shown our wool, cotton, silk Shirret rugs in the Midwest, Texas and New England. How-To: cut strips (I use old wool skirts), baste the strips onto my needle, make a crochet cord stitch and add a gather to the stitch, and keep going! I'm a painter. I'm a climate change activist, US/UK. I ride public transport between Brooklyn and New Haven and I make shirret. Shirret is easy if you already crochet fluently. Cats and children love Shirret for it's firm, touchy-feely texture.