ShootingWithSlinky's Shop Announcement

My personalized photographs are my way to share the beach life and make you feel like you’re on the sand. Let me WRITE a NAME or a SPECIAL NOTE on the sun-kissed ocean floor!! Together we can create one-of-a-kind custom photos for an anniversary, a birthday, weddings, showers, housewarming, graduations, inspirations, memorial, religious message, encouragement, and more!!

S H O P . P O L I C I E S :: Please read before you buy to ensure a seamless transaction.

L E A D . T I M E :: My current lead time for Personalized Writing in the Sand is 2 weeks + (or more), due to weather, marine layer , sand & tide conditions, as I must work with mother nature!

My P H O T O S :: include but not limited to the following excellent benefits: ☆☆ Makes people feel Special ♥♥ Love & Friendship ☆☆Countless Smiles ♥♥ Enjoyment & High Spirits ☆☆

L I V I N G the A L O H A . L I F E :: We’re proud of our gorgeous Starfish & Shell Barrettes/Pins for hair, original hand-painted shells and Beachy Accessories.

C A R D S / P R I N T S :: Please do take a look around, as I’d love for you to purchase one of my pieces. In this age of emails, texting, Facebook, etc... A handwritten note after meeting with your paramour's parents, after crashing at your friend’s house, or it’s been a while & time to say hello to someone special and especially after a job interview, a phone call or email is passable; however, a sent note card is really the best. Let them know you're thinking of them! Or send them a surprise with a print!

P R O F I L E :: Hey! Check out my profile and read a little about Lenora, aka SLINKY!

O T H E R . S H O P . M E M B E R S :: Janice & Carmen

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A P P R E C I A T I O N :: I know you could take your business elsewhere and I appreciate you sticking with me.

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