SignatureSparkles' Shop Announcement

-------PROMO---------Any one who contacts me with the secret promo word( found on our FB and twitter) will get a coupon code for 15% off any item ! This promo is valid until December 25th.

I want my shop to be like Claires for big girl, So I hope you enjoy!
Thanks so much coming and looking at my shop!
I hope that all of my items are the kind that you would wear on the red carpet. With every thing I do each year I try to push the limits of what I've done the last year to make one of a kind items that make a beautiful or stunning statement.

IMPORTANT INFO!!!! Almost all of my items are one of a kind so if you really want something from this shop for your wedding or another occasion and you are not quite sure if you want it, the item might be gone before you can get it. If you were planing to buy something but have been postponing it, don't delay any more. If you are sure you want something but are short on cash, contact me and I'll make a reserved listing for you. A listing can be reserved for up to 7 days.

To shop at my bath& body store go to: