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Thank you for visiting my shop. I wire wrap fused glass, beach glass, and lucky stones in a non traditional way. I also make rings, bracelets, and necklaces using just sterling wire and sterling sheet. I try to post something every day, so if you see things you like please check back. I think I have something for everyone.

I also have a collection of Convertible jewelry. I have handmade chains that can be worn in different ways.
I have included pictures of the versatility of this jewelry in their description. Many of the pendants I make are made to easily hook on these chains. If the pendants are compatible, it will say convertible at the end of their description.


Lucky stones are a unique skeletal feature of a fish called freshwater drum, also known as sheepshead and grunter. Scientists call these earbones otoliths. They are found on fresh water beaches and are all different sizes. They have an "L" on one of the flattened sides. People collect them and consider them as "Lucky Stones". The otoliths have been found at prehistoric Indian sites used perhaps for good luck charms or as decorations to prevent sickness.
Own your own piece of luck!!