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MAKE PAYABLE TO: June Evon Bishop

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im4twins on Apr 29, 2014

5 out of 5 stars

I absolutely loved this. My brother-in-law who owns a garage just had back surgery and I wanted something unusual as a get well present for him as he likes things to do with cars and things that are in his words "funky". To be honest once I saw it I almost kept it.? The plate was very detailed and the colors beautiful. I finally did give it to my brother-in-law and he put it over his work bench at his garage so he can see it everyday. Would purchase again.


im4twins on Jan 8, 2014

5 out of 5 stars

This picture does not do this justice! Absolutely what I wanted. Packaged wonderfully. Real quick delivery. I will definitely purchase from here again. In fact think I'll start looking now.


How it all came about

I was born in 1971. I was diagnosed with severe hip dyplasia at age 2, so I never could do much to help out. I've always had a love for art though. Starting early in my school days, I was the one people would come to if they wanted a banner or something done. From K-6th grade I was in a small school of about 100 kids. I had lots of trouble paying attention and art was my way out.

A little background on my family.
When I was young, myself and two other sisters, grew up on what my Dad was able to bring in for income. Most years that never topped $2,000. Some months we had $50 to go on. My Dad had picked up, what at first was a hobby. He realized people had an interest in his craft, so he started a self employed business which gave us just enough to live on. We had no running water, no plumbing (till 1993). My Dad built the little house out of old barn beams and wood, rusty used old nails and such. It's been added onto a few times, but it is still standing tall 47 years later. It gave us shelter and warmth. They still use a wood stove to heat with and only have plumbing in the kitchen, which is only cold water. They heat that on the wood stove or gas cook stove. They still use their outhouse which is grandfathered. In the winter they use a ringer washing machine, because the water in the hose would freeze in the winter if they used the automatic, which they got less than 20 years ago. Mom still hangs out the clothes, all year round. My Dad is 81 (Jan 2013) and Mom is 68 (May 2013). Dad is declining in health, but still does the best he can which brings in a small amount extra for both of them to live on. My Mom has Parkinsons which is slowing her down more everyday. They are both on a very fixed income.
Throughout my life, my Dad taught all of us to use what we had. Never waste what could be usable. Therefore, being into art, I would draw or paint on anything...that I was allowed to. We used everyday things to play with, since we had no money for frivalent toys. A typewritter became a cash register, a board became the counter. A bar stool, still in use today, became a steering wheel to our camper...which was the bunkbed. It also became a parachute. We played in old junk cars that were in my grandmothers gravel pit. Anything we found became something. We never got hurt, maybe a scratch or two, maybe a bee sting.
I developed my own style of painting and drawing as I got older. I took art in school but it never really influenced my style. Bob Ross on TV was my mentor, I still pay him tribute when I sign my name in red, on most all my paintings. I am now on disability and live in a subsidized apartment. My childhood definitely had some bumps and big hills, but I am content with the things I have. I had a short time being around bad people, but knew quickly they were just bad social influences. I am now surrounded by many good people. I have lots of close friends, more than I can count on both hands.
I always loved nature and the beauty of it and the wildlife. Today I use whats available to me through other peoples "trash". And I make it into my treasures. I put out ads for the items I use. Just an old handsaw can cost me up to $10. Things are not normally given away in this day and age. The slates cost me, the saws cost me, and of course the paint. Everything costs me...seems I spend more money going out than in. Time 'costs' too. Which is a predicament lots of us are in. I too, being on a strict income, use what I can get or find, just as my Dad taught us to do. I am proud of what I do, but prouder of my parents for teaching me to not only survive, but thrive. Art is still my escape from this old world and it's own infuences. Art will always be a part of me. Art is me.

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    I upcycle and recycle what I paint on.Feel free to look around my shop.If you have any questions, contact me. Remember S&H are included. Make payable to June Evon Bishop

Shop policies

Last updated on February 11, 2015
Come see whats in my shop!
I have paintings on several types of materials. Including hand saws, circular saw blades, canvas and license plates (as some call them, tags). I also upcycle used prints that may have been pre-framed, and paint directly over the picture. Roofing slates are hard to come by, but I have several authentic Roofing slates in my shop that I have painted.
For Made to Order items please contact me by phone or email. (see contact info). Sending a picture often helps me to get a better idea of what you want. It will not look the exact same, due to my style of painting, but I'll do my best.

Accepted payment methods

  • Money Order
  • Check
Returns and exchanges
No returns.
I will try my best with what I have to pack the items and mark them as fragile or otherwise. Especially the slates which weigh more than they appear but are fragile. The saws blades weigh different amounts also, some can weigh as much as 2-5 pounds. I cannot replace any losses due to each item being different, and one of a kind. You can though, reorder (paying the same charges) and I'll try my best to paint an item the way it was before. I am not responsible for losses.
Money orders and checks are my prefered way of being paid. (Can use PayPal, though.). Taxes and shipping are included in prices. After ordering an item, it cannot be cancelled. I try my best to satisfy everyone, but there will be NO REFUNDS.
Item may arrive quicker than 3 - 5 weeks. Shipping will be standard ground shipping. I marked them this way, due to where I live. I live out in the country, therefore it may take me a few days to get to town. I cannot afford fuel for a separate trip to send something out. Also the weather here, especially in the winter, is very unpredictable. I will try my best to expidite the shipping for you. Insurance will be put on the item(s). Contact me after you pay, so I can confirm when it was shipped for you. I only ship in the US because of the cost of shipping.
Additional policies and FAQs
Almost all my paintings are sealed with Polyurethane, (or other like sprays). On metal, steal or aluminum, I have to first spray them with a rust inhibitor, such as Rust Oleum, Krylon or other like flat primers.
Please keep item sheltered from the weather and out of the sun as best as you can. I have had no reported cases of any problems. If you have an issue please contact me within 6 months to let me know how the item is holding up.
Every item is different, mixed colors are done on the palette by my own hand. I never can get the exact same color, ever again. Even during one painting, I can't. There is never "measured amounts" of each color.
Some items weigh much more than they appear, especially the slates, rocks and saw blades & framed prints. All shipping charges are based on an approximate weight and how much it will cost to ship. I have lost money shipping items before, due to the packing, handling and shipping cost. With experience from other websites I have a good idea, how much it's going to cost me. Shipping prices are crazy! Especially if you get the Post (USPS) to handle it.
Please take caution when handling your product(s) you ordered. Slates are heavy, saws are sharp and can be scratched, canvas can rip. Always hang your item in a SAFE place where it cannot fall and/or injure someone. Check product for any loose anchors (nails etc) or strings, often.
As I mentioned, each item is different, that is why I only have the quantity of 1 item each. If you want something, either grab it while it's available or contact me, giving me a description of the one you like(d).
If you really like one of the items in my shop and it is already sealed, and want it customized, and/or personalized, I may be able to paint over an area and spray it over to seal the new paint. Just try to explain to me where you want the personalization /customization on the item (top.bottom, right,left...).