SilkBatikBoston's Shop Announcement

Welcome to Sol Maleu!

I am excited to share with you my original, handmade batik wearable art creations.

Batik is an ancient Javanese art of textile design, where all the elements are drawn with wax resist and dyed to achieve rich colors and intricate patterns. I fell in love with batik and traveled to Bali Indonesia, to live there and learn how to make traditional Javanese batik in 2010.

All of my one of a kind designs are a fusion of the ancient traditional batik motifs and my personal vision of feminine beauty. As a woman myself I love and admire the feminine capacity to be many things at once and to transform our inner and outer selves under any circumstances. Flowing silhouettes, sensually soft silk, eye catching patterns and a delightful color pallet all highlight the enchanting power, radiance and depth of every woman's essence.

All pieces are 100% silk of the highest quality that I handpick and source from India.

Each item is versatile and offers every woman the playful freedom to invent her own distinct look. There is a special joy in owning a garment that can be dressed up or down, depending on your personal style, mood and occasion.

So go ahead: play around with your style, reinvent yourself and smile every time you look in the mirror:)