SilverWireSupply's Shop Announcement

W E L C O M E !
Thank you for stopping by! I am happy to order any gauge or lengh of wire that you need if you don't see it in my shop.

I now offer OXIDIZED silver and copper for your convenience!

I hope you find the wire you need for your jewelry and craft projects. I try to offer a wide selection at fair prices and a quick turnaround, because I know you are eager to get to work.

I can customize any order for a specific length that you need. Let me know how many feet you need and I can get it for you.

Please contact me through Etsy with any questions. I am very happy to help!

Thank you!

S I L V E R . W I R E . S U P P L Y

HALF HARD VS. DEAD SOFT... The difference between half hard and dead soft wire is the flexibility. Both are offered in my shop.

DEAD SOFT wire is easier to bend and is less springy. The downside is that it may bend when you don't want it to. Dead Soft can be made harder by hammering, tumbling, or by pulling it through nylon pliers several times.

HALF HARD wire springs opens a little when bent, but holds its shape better because it is harder. If you are making pieces that won't be hammered and need to hold their shape, this is the wire you should use.