SilverwareStudios' Shop Announcement

Visit us at! Silverware studio transforms ordinary used silverware into amazing, uniquely rustic pieces of art. We start each creation with recycled silverware and other recycled metalware. We believe that the products we buy and use should be made the old fashioned way using our hands and good old elbow grease, and never by industrial machines making thousands of identical items. We also believe that recycling and conservation should be important to everyone, because it is to us. Nearly 100% of each piece is made from recycled materials, contributing even more to the uniqueness of each piece we create. We even generate our own solar power for lighting, ventilation, sanding, grinding and internet/computer use! Each piece is unique, and unlike the next. No two creations will ever be identical, so your item may vary slightly from the image. Over the years, each piece will age and weather differently, making your garden decoration a true "one of a kind" art form which ensures enjoyment for years to come.