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I love what I do

My name is Cristina. I hope you enjoy viewing my artworks as much as I enjoy creating them.

I was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I can say that I appreciate and admire all kinds of art since I was a little child. This interest has always accompanied me in all phases of my life.

My parents are talented artists and I think I have earned from them this strong interest and taste for art. My father is an amateur photographer and my mother is a multitask woman who have already gone through a broad range of activities, including fabrics, porcelain and canvas painting, among others.

From a very early age my parents took the whole family to attend many exhibitions, art museums and events. We were always armed with sketchbooks to reproduce any artwork that we liked. These were moments of great fun and very interesting experiences which certainly left their marks on my happy childhood.

I own a degree in architecture, obtained in Rio and have worked in this field for several years. I have worked on many different projects including interiors design.

In 1989, I met husband and moved with him to Lisbon, Portugal.
Some years later, when the family grown up with two lovely boys, we established in Sintra, a beautiful countryside place, surrounded by nature and peace.

Right after moving to Portugal, I decided to devote some more time to my passion. I have attended several courses at the National Society of Fine Arts in Lisbon, which opened my interests for new fields. It was there that I have improved my skills and started new experiences in figurative art.

The sources of inspiration I use in my work include:
nature, sun, blue sky, strong wind, mountain, sea, travel places,
music, dance, people, friends,
wine, chocolate,
textures, colors, papers,
everything that moves, anything I admire or makes me smile ...
life, which I love deeply.

I am currently a high school art teacher in charge of teaching visual education to children from 12 to 15 years old. I still work as a free lancer architect. In parallel, I have my own studio located a few blocks from home where I can fully express my art and develop new kinds of externalizing my love for my family and for life.

It is so grateful to share my world with you.

Have a lovely day!

Cristina Ripper
owner, artist
Hello, I'm Cristina and welcome to my little world. I love what I do...Art

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