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Thank you so much for visiting my shop!

Turn around time is 3 weeks unless the listing states otherwise. Each listing includes this information along with options for rush services. Please be sure to read through each listing fully and look through the photos. Most questions I get can be answered simply by doing these two simple things. :)

My time with my family is very important to me. With this in mind, I have made a change to when I am available to customers. Just like you, I need time away from work to unwind and focus on something else. So, my new "work" hours this year are 8 am to 8 pm Tuesday through Friday and 8 am to noon on Saturday. I will answer Etsy messages at least once daily during these hours. Since my kids are involved in several activities, I sometimes will be unavailable during the hours above. Please know that I will answer your question ASAP on my next business day. I get hundreds of messages every day, so please be patient. It is just me running my business, so I have to keep machines running and orders processing at the same time I'm answering messages, ordering new supplies, etc. Thank you!

As you can see from the listings in my shop, Simplie Girlie loves to make boy things too!! In fact, most of my Etsy listings are for boys. Why the name then? you ask. Well, I started this business by making dresses for an embroidery shop where I lived. That expanded to include baby items for every gender. In 2009, we moved, I bought my first embroidery machine and SGD became one of THE places to get embroidered birthday shirts, especially for boys. I still do custom sewing as well, I just seem to receive more requests for boy things than I do for girls. Perhaps because the market is so very flooded with things for girls and it seems you can't find near as much cute custom stuff for boys. Since I have a young boy myself, I completely understand the difficulty in finding cute, quality custom items for boys.

All items are made in a pet free, smoke free home with the utmost care, love and attention to detail. I absolutely love creating items for my customers and do all I can to provide high quality goods and excellent customer service. I take in custom orders all the time, so if you don't see what you are looking for (or you want something sewn instead of embroidered) just ask!

I am a WAHM with 3 wonderful children. My older girls (18 and 15) occasionally help me in my sewing business under my very watchful eye when they are not busy with homework, marching band, flag line, choir, basketball, track or church activities. I believe it is very important to teach my girl's to be self sufficient and to learn valuable lessons in business and customer relations/service.

I am in no way limited to what you see here in my Etsy shop. If you have something in mind, feel free to contact me and we can create your custom creation together.

Want to see even more items by Simplie Girlie? Come visit my facebook fanpage. http// (please note that, generally, I do not receive comments on old photos posted on my page - gotta love Facebook, lol). If you do wish to comment on a photo you see on my FB page, please post it directly to the page or you can message me either on FB or here on Etsy and I will answer you ASAP.

Thank you for visiting my store and I hope to see you again soon. May you have a wonderful and blessed day!

SimplieGirlieDesigns' Shop Policies


I have always had a love of sewing and designing. As a mother of 3 children, I know how important it is to find high quality merchandise that is made to stand up to the rigors of childhood. I do everything I can to ensure this in all my work. I also know that we all love to find trendy, useful, handmade items without a high price tag so I do all I can to keep my prices as low as possible while still earning a living doing what I love. All the items you find in my shop are boutique quality at a fraction of the cost. I am stickler for quality work and materials and I believe you will find my work to be of the highest quality.

I love to use trendy fabrics by designers like Michael Miller, Amy Butler, Alexander Henry, Riley Blake and Moda. While these fabrics do tend to cost more than others, they are very high quality. You will also find that these designers set the trend for others in terms of prints and colors.


You may check out directly through Etsy using a credit/debit card or Etsy gift card. I also accept Paypal. Please be sure your Etsy address is up to date as I print my shipping labels directly from Etsy.

Cash and checks are accepted from local customers only. If you are a local customer and would like to pay by cash or check, please contact me or leave me a note in the "message to seller" section of checkout.

Sorry, no international money orders are accepted.


All packages are sent via Priority Mail service unless otherwise noted or other arrangements have been made. By using this service, I can ship daily from home saving gas, energy and time keeping shipping costs at a minimum. If you prefer first class, please leave me a message during checkout and I will refund the difference when your package is ready and the shipping label has been printed.

Please note that all international packages will ship via First Class International Mail. This is the least expensive shipping option for most international packages. However, once your package has been shipped, I cannot guarantee its delivery time to you. If you would like your package to ship via Priority Mail so that you receive it more quickly, or would like me to add tracking to your package, please send me a message with your shipping information so that I can charge the correct amount for shipping and adjust the listing. You are welcome to let me know this at checkout, however I will send you a PayPal invoice for the additional shipping charges. If the additional invoice is unpaid when I am ready to ship your order then the package will ship as per the item listing without any additional shipping services. You are responsible for all tarrifs, duties and/or taxes due upon receipt of your international shipment. All packages will be marked as merchandise and will be marked with the exact cost of the product. No exceptions will be made to this unless you are having me ship it to the recipient of the gift. I am not responsible for any packages held up in customs.

Priority mail now includes up to $100 in insurance at no additional cost for any label printed through Etsy (I print all shipping labels for Etsy orders through Etsy, even if you paid through paypal). If your package value is over $100 or your package is being shipped via first class mail, additional insurance is your responsibility. Adding insurance is the only way to receive compensation for lost and/or damaged packages. If you would like your package insured, please send me a message so that I can either adjust the listing or send you an invoice for the insurance amount. If I send an additional invoice for the shipping insurance and this invoice goes unpaid, I will ship without the additional insurance.

Delivery confirmation is standard on all Priority Mail shipments and includes up to 11 scans.

NOTE - I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR PACKAGES THAT ARE SHIPPED BY THE SCHEDULED DATE NOTED ON YOUR INVOICE BUT NOT DELIVERED IN A TIMELY MANNER BY THE USPS. The scheduled ship by date can be found on your invoice and will be replaced by the shipped date once your package ships. Your tracking number will also be found here. It is your responsibility to check the tracking of your package and to contact your local post office if your shipment appears to be held up somewhere between my local post office and your delivery address.

I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR DAMAGE THAT OCCURS DURING SHIPPING. If you receive an item that has been damaged during shipment, you will need to take the packaging and the item to the USPS so that an insurance claim can be filed. If you would like a replacement item, please place another order for the same item. I cannot replace items free of charge for damage I did not personally cause.

Refunds and Exchanges

Personalized items are not able to be returned or exchanged. Granted, if I have made a mistake and sent the incorrect size, color, etc. I will send a replacement out ASAP. Refunds will not be issued if the name given to me to embroider is not spelled correctly. It is up to you to be sure that you have given me the correct spelling. Of course, if the misspelling is on my part alone, refund or exchange are both available. Be specific when requesting any color/fabric changes different from those shown in the main listing photo. I use the same fabrics/colors as shown in the main photo unless otherwise specified in the listing. Refunds will not be given if you wanted a fabric/color different from that in the main photo and you did not specify the specific change prior to your order being filled.

I do all I can to give a complete and accurate description of each item. It is up to you to read all information given in the listing. If you find something wrong with an item you have purchased or believe the listing was inaccurate, please contact me to discuss the ways the problem can be resolved. Shipping charges are nonrefundable.

If your order is for something personalized and your order is complete and waiting to ship or your order is already marked as shipped, a REFUND WILL BE UNAVAILABLE. Orders are only marked as shipped once I print the shipping label and I do not do this until your order is complete and ready to ship. As I run a 3 week turn around time due to order volume, you have plenty of time to contact me if the need to cancel arises. As long as I know at least 3 days before your order is scheduled to ship, the cancellation should not be a problem. Only in the event that I know I will be unavailable or on vacation do I ship more than 2 days prior to the scheduled ship date.

REFUNDS WILL NOT BE GIVEN FOR ITEMS THAT THE USPS HAS FAILED TO DELIVER IN THE EXPECTED AMOUNT OF TIME. Tracking is available on each invoice once your item ships. The only exception to this is if I did not ship the item by the ship date indicated on your invoice (3 weeks from the order date).

Additional Policies and FAQs

Unless otherwise stated in the listing, all shirts are short sleeve. Some of the shirt colors shown in my listings do not come in long sleeve. Long sleeve options are always available, but are many times much more limited in selection. If you require a long sleeve shirt and the listing description does not say it is long-sleeved, please contact me with size, color, etc. needed and I will see what I have or will be able to get in your needed time frame.

PLEASE READ THE ITEM DESCRIPTION THOROUGHLY BEFORE ASKING QUESTIONS OR PLACING YOUR ORDER. With 3 children, a husband who works long hours driving a truck and a rapidly growing business, I am extremely busy. I get tons of messages every day where someone asks a question that would easily be answered by reading the item description. While I don't mind answering your questions in the least, please note that doing so takes time away from completing orders and taking care of my family. I have literally had mornings where I all I seem to do is answer questions of this sort. The more time I spend answering questions that can be answered by your doing a little reading, the less time I have to complete the orders ahead of yours, so I end up spending more time away from my family in order to complete those orders. My time is just as valuable as yours is, so please respect that.


The absolute best way to contact me regarding your order is to send me a message on Etsy using the blue "contact" button on your receipt. This will automatically link me back to your invoice so I know exactly what order you have a question about. If you choose to send an email, it is VITAL that you let me know you ordered on Etsy AND give me your order number. I receive orders from Etsy, Facebook, email, phone, text, notes sent home from school even people stopping me when I'm out and about. Like everyone else, I am a very busy person. At any given time, I can have 70+ orders needing to be completed and I have a family to take care of as well. I simply do not have the time to go through all my orders from every avenue trying to figure out what order you are talking about. I will respond to your email asking for this information. If I do not receive an answer, I am not going to chase you down. It is your responsibility to reply to all messages I send you regarding your order in a timely manner. If you have contacted me needing your order before your scheduled ship date and I do not hear from you within 48 hours, YOUR ORDER WILL BE CANCELLED. You can find your order date on your invoice in most cases. If it is not there and we have not already spoken about your order shipping sooner, you can add 3 weeks (21 days) to your order date and that is the date your order will ship.


1) Can you use a different fabric? Yes, of course I can. Please be more thorough and include other information such as what color fabric you are looking for or what fabric pattern(s). I have hundreds of fabrics on hand and there are millions of fabrics I can easily get if needed. I'm happy to do a different fabric on any of my items, but I do need to know what you are looking for.

2) Can you change the shirt color? I don't know that there is a single shirt listing in my shop that does not state that I can change shirt color, fabric color, thread color, etc. Again, I need to know specifics. What color of shirt would you like? What size do you need?

3) When can I expect my item to arrive/ship? If I order today, when will it ship? Every listing in my shop has the turn around time and shipping times clearly stated. Computers, smart phones and other devices all have calenders on them. Please kindly check a calender and see when that date would be before contacting me.Questions like this that you can answer on your own by consulting a calender seam like no big deal when you are only thinking about your order alone. However, I get this question multiple times a day and answering these takes time away from completing orders and taking care of my family. If your order has already been placed, your invoice will show the ship by date in most cases. Every now and then, this information will not be there. If it does not show up on your invoice, it doesn't show up on my end either. You can figure your ship date by looking at your order date and adding 3 weeks (my normal production time). Items are shipped via priority mail and generally arrive 1-3 days after the ship date. Add this to your items ship date and you have an estimated arrival date.

4) Do your shirts run true to size? One thing I have learned over the last few years is that "true to size" has a different meaning to everyone. Your definition of true to size relates to those brands you are used to buying and shopping for and mine relates to those I am used to purchasing and working with. While most brands do run in a particular range, some vary quite a bit from the "norm." To me, yes, my shirts run true to size. There is a brand I have to use every now and then that runs small and I size those shirts up. There is another brand I am forced to use once in a while and it runs a size large, so I size those down to fill orders. I try my best not to use either of these brands, but sometimes those are the only brands available in the size/color I need at the moment. Most every listing in my shop encourages you to provide me with the measurements of a shirt that fits your child well and I most definitely encourage this. If you provide me with measurements and they don't match what my shirts are in the size that you chose during checkout, I can easily select a size that will work well for your child from what I have. Some of my listings have shirt measurements in the item description. Though some do not, I am working on this issue. For the girls, especially, I try to purchase locally, so my stock varies as far as brands I have on hand and their measurements are not always exactly the same. PROVIDING ME WITH THE LENGTH AND WIDTH OF A SHIRT THAT FITS YOUR CHILD WELL IS THE BEST WAY TO ENSURE A PROPER FIT.

5) Can you make a shirt with ________? I can do far more that what you see here in my Etsy store. If you see something you like in a photo somewhere, chances are that I have the design, can find the design or can put together designs I already have to make the design you are looking for. if you have a photo you can send me of what you are looking for, I am more than happy to see if it is something I can do. Fabrics may be different from those used in a particular applique design by someone else, but I can do anything out there most of the time. The only exception to this would be those few places that make their own applique designs and don't sell them to the public. Even in these cases, I can usually find something very close.

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