My friends are now beautiful sock models!

Simply......the beginning

I have always loved to sew and create and change things. Choosing to stay home, four years ago, after the birth of our son, has given me more of a chance to craft and create! Being a teacher was full of blessings, but now I enjoy being a teacher every day to our two children, AND having a few minutes of extra time to make things that I love!

I opened my Etsy shop in 2010 with horrible pictures of the sweet baby bows, burp cloths, and towels that I was making at the time.

In November of 2011, my sister and I began making boot socks. We had seen them around and thought they were so cute and girly! At our first craft show that month, we sold 8 pairs, including the ones on our legs!

Since then, my shop has grown more than I ever expected. Most days, I sew like a crazy woman for a couple hours during nap time and then save the rest for after our kids go to bed. The busyness is exciting! Friends laugh at the massive table full of socks that consumes our basement storage room, but we think the sock business is Simply Sweet:)
Saved by grace. Loved wife. Careful mom. Try anything crafter. Wanna be chef. Family-time focused. Spray paint obsessed. Must plan ahead. Kitchen dancer. Chocolate lover. Occasional runner. Thankful for life.
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