Cute Paper and Fabric Crafts

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Here are just some of the fabric remnants I collected from a local tailor, which are cleaned and ironed before usage.

Cute paper and fabric crafts, made with love, especially for you.

What started as a search for the perfect wedding present became a hobby in making gifts for loved ones. That was the seed that was planted in 2010 and has since blossomed into Sincerely, Sakura in March 2011.

Why the name Sincerely, Sakura? When we create a gift or product, we wish to express our sincerest feeling and ability in crafting the item for the receiver. As for 'Sakura', while we love the flower, we love its symbolism of mortality, love and affection even more.

From making personalized gift baskets and money trees for birthdays, Sincerely, Sakura gradually extended its crafts to include handmade gifts and event favours. Sincerely, Sakura is not limited to these products however, and is continuously seeking to improve and expand its selection.

Sincerely, Sakura is new at the craft industry but we try our level best to produce creatively-designed gifts. We welcome any constructive remarks as well as new ideas and inspirations.

We look forward to brightening up your special day with our gifts made with love especially for you. :D
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Hello hello !!
I'm just an ordinary girl with a love for paper, fabric and the written word.
I find inspiration in music, nature, culture, basically anything and everything around me.
I wish to make people smile more in this world. :)
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