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Welcome to my world!

A sketchbook has lived in my pocket since I was old enough not to loose it.
I enjoy pairing silhouettes with geometric graphics, mark-making with ink, photographing natural textures and of course character design.

I'd like to think of my Brooches as portable tiny works of art with personality, walking their owners up and down high streets, camping out at festivals or simply reaching parts of the world I never will.

My Kokeshi Army grew out of the need to create a physical version of the characters I was sketching. I've always loved traditional Kokeshi Dolls and the process of painting on natural wood is so thrilling that they've proved to be the perfect embodiment of my characters.
I had no idea they would become so popular, I'd originally envisioned them for children but it seems adults are now their biggest fans. is a whimsical world of character design and pattern exploration which can be enjoyed by Children and Adults alike.

x Becky x

( You can find me on Instagram most days @sketchinc )
Becky Kemp
Owner, Maker, Designer, Curator, Shipping is my creative outlet!
I can be found most days working from my home studio in the south-east of England.

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