Skullartist's Shop Announcement

Petra Shara Stoor is the core and marrow of Skulls & Bones. It's her eyes that spot the remains of the deceased. It's her hands which bring them back to life. All of which meet your eye on this page is her handicraft. Wide open to everything around her, may it be nature, shapes, forms or spirit, she views whatever she finds thoroughly with her inner eye as well as her outer pair. She then sets about to deliver it from the grasp of time; Turning a mortal-, but alas not till alive, object into something which have the prospect of lasting forever as a piece of art left for an indefinite future.

Shara combines her talents as a makeup artist, mask maker & sfx creator to deliver that special form of concept art: the one you'll never forget. She gives great attention to detail and makes sure her art goes all the way; From her hands and into your heart and soul. She's known for never coming to a halt midway, but doing whatever it takes to perpetuate her vision no matter the circumstances. Shara spends most of her time devoted to art by working with skulls and skeletal parts of deceased animals. Skulls & Bones is her vehicle to reach YOU!

So welcome to this shop of Swedish Skulls & Bones Artwork! Here you can find
real skull artwork, real teeth jewelry, as well as skull art merchandise items such as iphone4/4s design covers, postcards from Behind the scenes of Skulls & Bones Artwork.

If you can't see what your heart desires, send me a message and I will see if I can create your vision.

I hope you enjoy exploring Skulls & Bones Artworks shop here on Etsy, you are welcome to visit our shop often since new items will be added on a regular basis!

"No animals are harmed in this process or taken from nature for taxidermy purposes, as I want you to be aware that I never have nor ever will kill an animal for my skull creations. I honor each and every skull and bone."

// Petra Shara Stoor, Skull Artist, Skulls & Bones Artwork, Sweden

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