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2 weeks

Be pink be bold be whoever you want!

4 weeks

Deep down inside we all want to feel as if we are queens. We all are, but sometimes we just need a reminder to wear a crown. Upgrade your outfit with these earrings to feel like one. QUEEN OF THE NIGHT!

2 months

Sometimes I wonder how come some of us are so blessed, and some so poor. No, not about the goods. The friendships, true and soulful connections with other women. I know. We choose the friendship, we try and nourish it. I was thinking about her.#womanpower

2 months

Then I fell in love. It was the end of summer, we met, as always, unexpectedly. You were perfect, so beautiful and warm. You inspired me, brought me colors. However, it is time to say goodbye. I will be waiting for you. See you next year, autumn orange_heart

3 months

It all happend when I was travelling in Italy. It was a beautiful morning, I was having my coffee on the shore of Mediterranean sea. Breaking dawn, turquoise water, the sound of waves hitting the rocks.Then it happened. Inspiration hit me.