Art and decor from my heart to your home

My signature "Beauty From A Broken Heart" design
Materials for some of my most popular items, the sculptures in my "Every Tree A Soul" line.
We try to make sure your package arrives safely! (2011)
December 2012: My largest shipment of donated ornaments from my In Memory Of program.
I am happy to announce my return to work after a year long sabbatical and new designs coming for the 2014 Holiday season

Art from my heart to your home, featuring "Every Tree A Soul" loss and life sculptures.

I've been drawing since I was very little, painting since my teen years, and art class was my favorite subject in school. I've always seen the world a little differently than other people. I don't just see trees and hills and buildings when I look out my window. I see patches of color, shapes defined by shading and highlights. Where most people see a green tree, I see at least fifty different shades that make up that same tree. I don't just enjoy the scenery as it passes by, I take a million snap shots in my mind, looking at the world from multiple angles and placing the best one in my memory for safe keeping.
My art is an extension of my soul, my own twist on life. I enjoy what I do and I believe that you should do what you enjoy because life is too short to go plugging along doing only what you must.
Skye Blue began in early 2010 as an almost whimsicle idea that I might be able to do what I love and make a supplemental income. I soon found that there were plenty of people who found my work worthy of gracing their homes and lives, which was both exciting and humbling for me.
I believe that you shouldn't have to pay an arm and a leg to have beautiful, professional quality works of art, so I am committed to making everything I sell as affordable as possible, especially to "regular" people who are just like me, appreciative of beauty and creativity yet still needing to pay the bills first and foremost.
Since my humble beginnings of starting the Facebook page, "Skye Blue by Natasia Champion", I have sold quite a few paintings, sculptures, and home decor items. In February of 2011 I opened my Etsy store and 2012 has been the most successful year yet. However, the most important thing for me will always be loving what I do.
Skye Blue exists and is named in memory of Elizabeth "Skye" Champion, September 25, 2008 - October 13, 2008. The life and death of my first little girl has played the biggest part of developing me into the person and artist I am today. Because of my experience with losing my child, I am determined to reach out to the many other moms and dads who have gone through this and help advocate for them. Child loss continues to be a rather taboo subject in our modern society, but no matter how young our babies were, or whether we lost them through miscarriage, still birth, infant death, or early childhood death, they are our children and will forever remain in our hearts and memories. They deserve to be remembered.
Me with my hubby and son
owner, maker, designer, curator
My art is my passion, my family is my motivation and inspiration. Staying home with my kids is THE MOST important decision I've ever made and my Skye Blue fans and clients help make that dream come true every day.
Elizabeth "Skye" 9/25/08 - 10/13/08
Why I Do What I Do
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Mommy's Helper
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