SleepyMouseDesign's Shop Announcement

Custom orders...Send me your old cover, and I will fill it with paper.
Simply contact me and I will give you the full details.
Shipping is free on most custom orders (refilling pages only).
Welcome to Sleepy Mouse Design!

I make all of my beautiful, salvaged, repurposed, one-of-a-kind journals with quality material. I use heavy-gauge metal. My covers are the genuine article. I restore them to perfection. It has always been hard to find a place to purchase a One-of-a-Kind Journal, hand-made for this price, until now.
What I do:
I don't just brutally hack off the cover. I carefully preserve the integrity of the book. I trained myself how to restore the covers. I use WIRE not plastic for binding the books, which is much stronger and will not break easy.
I give a new life to old antique or vintage books and most definitely help to reduce our carbon footprint. I am hoping to save beautiful books from the dreaded trash bin. I'm not always successful in creating a product, sometimes I save them just for myself.
To all of my SOUTH PAWED friends contact me with suggestions on what you'd like to see. There is no extra cost for placing special orders, EVER!