SlipperySlopeBloomer's Shop Announcement

Hey every body, welcome to the Slippery Slope!
I made a sale! A New Year sale! These lovely skirts are on sale!
Boy have I ever been on vacation for ever. Well I am back now. Sort of. I've made a short run of pretty things. Some lovely skirts with high waists and pockets. You all know how important to me pockets are. They are made of printed silks and cottons I found in little shops in the main bazaar of a city called Bhuj in a state called Gujarat on the northwest coast of India, which is where I've been on vacation all these years. It isn't exactly a vacation, and I'm not exactly done with it, but I've brought you these things to see if you like them and if you do, well, I'll bring back more next time.
The state of Gujarat is world famous for its textiles and has been pretty much for all of written history. For the most part the fabrics I have used on these skirts are not recycled, but they are dang beautiful. They are luscious, buttery silks and stunningly patterned hand dyed cottons. When I made the decision to buy some yardage to make you skirts out of, my head just about exploded from all of the prettiness.
I haven't had the kind of year long access to studio space and sewing machinery necessary to make you all of those custom fitted made to order under things like I used to do. Perhaps someday I will be able to go back to doing that, for now though, hey, check out these skirts that are already made! For once you can buy the one that you see in the picture and it will be that one! If you don't see the color you like in your size, let me know and then check back next spring for more colors and sizes!