Crochet Gifts for all Occasions

Fluffy was out so I thought I'd just make myself at home until she gets back.
My favourite time of the day, early morning. No one else awake, a cup of hot coffee and my yarn and hook close by.
A rare moment. Smudge wasn't fond of the animals in the house. She passed on at almost 18 and is still missed.

It all started with a chain...

Years ago, I asked my mother to teach me how to crochet. Her being left handed, me being right...I got as far as a chain. During a school play, my character (can't for the life of me remember what it was!) sat and crocheted, by the time the actual performance was over, I had an extremely lengthy chain.

Flash forward. Being pregnant with our first child, I wanted my baby to have a crocheted afghan, so set to work teaching myself to crochet from a book. I finished an afghan as my second project, the mile-a-minute type, with the base of each strip being made of popcorn stitches. After the baby showers were held, Delainey wound up having about 6 crocheted baby 'ghans. I laughed at this, but never once have regretted learning. My husband might regret this: if there's one thing I've learned during my crochet span...yarn multiplies. Like rabbits.
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Allison is my 14 year old daughter, I believe she gets her 'craftiness' from me. She especially loves crafting dreamcatchers and 'doodling'.
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