SoFaerieCharming's Shop Announcement

Welcome to my new shop, So Faerie Charming!

While browsing the internet one day, I came across an article about fairy doors in Ann Arbor, Michigan. It seemed that everywhere you looked, shop owners had miniature fairy doors attached to their walls and doors. Some doors even matched their real shop doors. Customers that ‘believed’ in fairies would leave coins, charms, notes or small objects for the fairies that inhabited the shops. The whimsy of it all captured my interest and that’s when I began making my own fairy doors for my friends and family. The little ones in the family believe that fairies come and visit their homes when they are sleeping and they too are enjoying the fantasy of it all.

Fairy doors are fun conversation when you own and display one or even several in your home. It's just a little bit of fun, like Santa or the ToothFairy. And it's even a bit magical when you watch the little ones leave 'gifts' for their house fairy.

I've created Fairy Doors that are customized to personalities, favorite things, holiday, colors, girls, boys and traditions.