SoapBliss' Shop Announcement

WELCOME! In light of the increase in shipping, I've adjusted my costs to reflect delivery to the furthermost points in Canada. Delivery within Ontario is less so, to be fair, customers within my home province please use coupon code: SHIPONTARIO to receive 20% off your purchases over $20.

Thank you for stopping into Soap Utopia, home of honest to goodness soap. The all vegetable oils and emollients in these bars of goodness were chosen for their beneficial properties, and with a mind on fair trade and sustainable practices. FEEL good about feeling GOOD :) The formula for these bars of goodness was ultimately 3 years in the making with the goal of producing a long lasting bar with rich, fluffy lather perfectly balanced to clean and condition your skin without leaving a residue on your body or the EARTH. Cold processed soaps are blissfully free of added harsh detergents, phosphates, and sulfates - commercially produced bars can't claim that!

I like to keep things as natural and unprocessed as possible in all aspects of my life from what we eat to what we use on our bodies. Having said that, there are some fragrances that are just not possible to obtain in a nature-made essential oil form. In those cases, a lab created fragrance is used, but I vigilantly ensure they are cosmetic grade and body safe phthalate-free oils. The majority of my bars are 100% natural, fragranced with pure, botanical essential oils, and the remainder are 98% natural (2% being the fragrance oils). All are lovingly handmade in small batches using the cold process traditional method of soap making.

They may cost slightly more than mass produced commercial bars, but why suffocate our skin and assault the earth to save a few bucks..? There is something deeply fulfilling about living close and in harmony with nature. Connecting with the earth including the use of natural products is SOUL satisfying :)

I strive to be environmentally friendly and so all packaging is post consumer recycled paper.

Questions? Don't hesitate to ask! Always happy to talk soap :)

Happy browsing!

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