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Soaparie's Shop Announcement

Soapárie is a small but very busy soap company based out of New Orleans Louisiana, with its roots in New York City. I started making soap for my daughter, who had very sensitive skin during the harsh winter months in New York. We discovered that much of her reaction, like many adults who come to us, was due to the chemical foaming agents found in most commercially made soap products that was essentially stripping her skin. In an effort to control every ingredient that touched her skin so we could figure out what was irritating it, I began making soap strictly for our home use made the old fashioned cold processed method. Now, 11 years later I remain obsessed with creating quality soap with the most nourishing ingredients. Being a foodie at heart, many of my bars are said to look good enough to eat and my response to that is, if your going to eat a bar of soap, I would say ours might be the best.. but they don't taste as decadent as they look and smell!

I cannot begin to tell you how rewarding it is to hear stories from our customers who thought they couldn't use fragrance or couldn't enjoy a quality bar of soap because their skin was so sensitive or dry, fall in love our bars, or when I will get an email from someone who suffered with itchy dry scaly winter skin say that our bars have helped soothe their discomfort. Honestly, we were those people, frantically trying to find a solution to an itchy irritated 4 year old girls skin.

Unless otherwise stated, our bars are vegan friendly. All bars are made by me in small batches for quality control. We do not use artificial colors or foaming agents and will not compromise on ingredients for cuteness. We aim to support our local communities and small local businesses so many of our ingredients are locally sourced from small businesses and farmers markets.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

PS: You smell.