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Anonymous on Jul 29, 2013

5 out of 5 stars

The soap was a gift and was a big hit. I think I will be back for some soaps for myself. I am obsessed with the included lip balm! My new favorite!

Anonymous on Jul 3, 2013

5 out of 5 stars

Love this soap. Only use 2T and all gets clean and fresh smelling. It's all I use now. Makes a cute little gift as well.

Anonymous on Jul 3, 2013

5 out of 5 stars

Delicious scent and very effective. Well worth the price, which is actually less than harsh commercial soaps.

Anonymous on Jul 3, 2013

5 out of 5 stars

Blue Spruce is my new favorite. Very mild and refreshing. Great soap. I measure 2 T and all is clean!

Anonymous on Jun 14, 2013

5 out of 5 stars

I love them! I can't wait to try them all.

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Last updated on September 21, 2012
Welcome to Soaponaria! We are so glad you are shopping with us. All of our customers are valuable to us and we will work hard to make sure you are completely satisfied. Read On...There is some pretty important stuff.

>>How is soap made?>> All of our soaps are created using the cold process method, which (without getting too technical in my description) is done by mixing a lye (sodium hydroxide) and water (we use distilled water) solution into a mixture of oils. The lye ( a base) hooks up with the oils (fatty acids) to create soap!

>>Lye? Yikes! Isn’t that bad?>>
On its own? Before being turned into soap? Yes! Yes! Very scary stuff! You should see my husband and I when we mix it, we look like a crew from a haz-mat team. But, in properly formulated soap, it disappears completely. Its very composition is changed, and the result is good clean fun.

>>What's the difference between cold process and hot process soap making?>> Basically, the difference is that at the point when cold process soapers would pour their soap into a mold, hot process soapers will continue to cook their soap! This eliminates the cure time by speeding up the process of saponification (turning into soap). Both leave you with a beautiful bar of soap, but there is a slight difference in texture, and cold process pouring makes it easier to play with swirls....and occasionally we like to swirl.

>>Why should I use traditional lye soap? What is wrong with the stuff at the store?>>
The first question is easy...Because you know what's in it! The ingredients are renewable, biodegradable and there are no crazy synthetics or preservatives in there. Even lye (sodium hydroxide) is a naturally occuring substance.

OK, now the second question...Because you don't always know what's in it! Soap and detergent are really just words with vague definitions and they are thrown around, to easily, as marketing devices. What you really should be looking at are the ingredient lists on the products you are considering buying.

A lot of commercial products contain ingredients derived from the oil industry, which means they are non-renewable and they are not so great on the environment (post use). Also, not great for you either. For example...Mineral Oil (aka Light Transmission Oil)...Petroleum Jelly (aka petrolatum) and any other petro-word. So, it's a good idea to stay away from those. Oh, by the way, oil...first thing that pops is a link for mineral oil in Wikipedia. WOW...

Another yucky one is sodium lauryl (or eth) sulfate, aka SLS. It's a foaming surfactant, and it's found in just about everything from toothpaste to baby shampoo.
It’s already a known and accepted irritant, found to penetrate skin and organs, cause children’s eyes to develop improperly and cause adult eyes to develop cataracts, but the powers that be are still debating whether or not 1,4-dioxane, something contained in SLS, is carcinogenic. The American Cancer Society denies the danger, the EPA considers it to be a probable carcinogen, and the FDA wants it gone.

Besides the base ingredients, the synthetic dyes used in the industry are just gross. Lots of people are allergic to them, and one is even being linked to autism. Awesome, right? Not!!! So please, pay attention to the labels, and if you don’t recognize something in the ingredients list, do your research before deciding to put it on your family’s skin! Go to and start checking out some of these nasties.

>>Superfat? What, say again?>> We superfat all of our batches, which means there's a little extra fat in the fat/lye ratio, which means they won't strip your skin of its moisture, just of its dirt.(No they don't leave you feeling oily). Our recipes are superfatted by 5 - 6%, which means we figure out how much lye we need to react with the mix of oils we choose, to make the amount of soap we want, then add an extra 5 - 6% of oil, usually shea butter.

>>Some other soapers say there soap fixes skin problems, why don't you?>> Because that's a bunch of bahooey. Soap is a wash off product! It doesn't cure anything but stink! If I were to make something designed to fix a medical problem, I'd make a salve, tincture, or poultice, and then I'd have it FDA tested before making any public claims. Because that's the law. And even then the FDA would probably reject the claims because they always choose drug companies over traditional herbalism. Careful what you believe.

>>How long will my soap last?>>Depends almost entirely on you. You can keep it around longer if you avoid holding it in the shower stream, and make sure you store it on a well-draining soap dish, not sitting in water . Cure time and hardness will make a big difference. The longer it cures and the harder the bar, the longer it will last. Palm oil helps a lot here! As far as shelf life goes, a bar will usually last about a year before the fragrance fades and the oils spoil. It's still usable soap, it just won't smell as pretty.

>>Some of your soap is labeled as vegan, what does that mean?>>
The soaps marked "vegan" are made with no animal products whatsoever.
No animal fats, no animal milk, no beeswax, and no honey.
None of my soaps contain animal fats, but some of my non-vegan products do contain things produced by our animal friends.

>>EO? FO? What are you talking about?> EOs are natural essential oils distilled from the plants and fruits themselves. FOs are synthetic (but perfectly skin-safe) fragrance blends. FOs tend to last a little longer, but there's nothing like the true scent of essential oils. Why do we use fragrance oils...when it sounds like we like essential oils? Well, first of all, we wouldn't use or offer these fragrance oils if they were in any way harmful to you, your family, or the earth. Many essential oils, contrary to popular belief, can be very irritating to the skin. On top of it all, the harvest of many essential oils is having a devastating ecological effect, and we really want no part of killing off the last of the sandalwood trees in the name of smelling pretty. We would much rather get our stink from a clean, conscious, animal-free lab.

>>Your ingredients list includes palm oil, isn't the harvest of that stuff bad for the environment?>>
We were able to find a supplier of sustainably harvested palm oil, but yes, conventional palm oil production is having a devastating impact on our world. Palm oil is made from the fruit of Elaeis guineensis trees, but instead of just taking the fruit, they clear cut entire forests. This leads to mass deforestation and habitat loss, and because these trees are taken from parts of the world where peat bogs sleep under rain forests and orangutans live above, we're talking major carbon emission and species loss. Who uses palm oil? Well, most of the world uses it the way we use Crisco. It's in your candy bars, your dish soap, even that stuff the movie theater puts on your popcorn, which you thought was butter.

OK, so was that info pretty interesting? Good...I will add more soon.

Thanks for reading and Soaponaria will keep making beneficial skin products for you, your family and your friends.

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All of our products are made, packaged and stored in a completely SMOKE-FREE environment.

If you have any questions, please do contact us. We answer conversations and emails promptly, and love to connect with each of you on an individual basis.

Thank you for shopping with us.