Metals and Textile Studio by Soledad Proaño

Soon will be sharing pictures of my new studio! For now, this is where I spend most of my days.
My worktable and a couple of my favorite tools.
Every order ships in my custom muslin bags for you to keep. Sometimes I even dye them! So pretty.
Making rings!
Photographing scarves!

Metals and textiles

I love playing with contrasts in colors, materials and textures. There's a duality in all my work that I really enjoy bringing up. I have fun coming up with new findings from unexpected elements or different uses for it. I value the materials by their function and not their cultural value, and specially love leather because it ages with so much dignity and looks so beautiful in all stages of its life.

It is my intent to create objects that carry both simplicity and a strong sense of craftsmanship at the same time.

I do everything myself, I enjoy not only making my pieces but also my photography, graphics (I make my own catalogs) and my show displays! The not so fun part is writing product descriptions and even this very own piece. I get super shy about it.

I'm very curious, always thinking on new designs, new destinations, new ways. I enjoy time on my own, daydreaming while braiding, weaving or making wraps. Remembering times long gone, or imagining those that are yet to come...

I had the honor of being a featured shop on Etsy's blog in 2012:

Interested on wholesale? You can find my linesheet on Etsy Wholesale, or contact me directly for one here:
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