SolitaryMountain's Shop Announcement

Welcome to Solitary Mountain.
We are direct import and wholesalers, traveling the world to buy directly at source in quantities large enough to enjoy getting best prices and taking the time to individually select what we sell. There is an important relationship between price and quality. We try to offer you the best quality at the best price. Experience shows that top quality sells better than low quality at low price.

We are located in the beautiful Canary Islands, on one of the most interesting islands in the world: Lanzarote, but, we are not very far from you wherever you are in the world, we are simply your neighborhood stone source, only two clicks away.

We ship from Spain, so please remember that it will take a couple of weeks for things to reach you. With that in mind, actual shipping charges are much higher than what we charge, but we absorb a large part of shipping costs as our way of saying thank you for being patient for your order to arrive.

As we have a very large inventory of stones, please feel free to contact us concerning what we can supply, large quanity discount structure, shipping options, or whatever.


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