SomeWheninTime's Shop Announcement

Are you a lady who feels born out of TIME? Do you feel uncomfortable and just wrong in today's styles and fashions? Wish you could slip into a Jane Austen novel? Or maybe the romantic Victorian age? Who knows, TIME is a funny thing. Perhaps you have fallen through a crack somewhere.
Well, my dear, you can't walk around looking like Scarlett O'Hara, unless it's Halloween or you're a historical re-enactor. But, you can slip little pieces of the past (and small glimpses of your true self) into your life.
Browse around in my shop and see what fits your mood and personality. Try out a feminine, lacy shawl for some romantic evening. Or perhaps a light, delicate piece of jewelry made from vintage beads. Or just maybe you don't care if people think you're on your way to a costume party on a Friday night. Then grab a mini tophat, pin in place and leave them all wondering.
Remember, TIME is slipping by with each breath. So, be yourself and be happy.

If you see an item in my shop that you like, but would like something slightly different, please convo me with what your thoughts are and I will let you know if it is possible.
All items made in a cat free, smoke free environment. Don't judge. I love cats, but allergies are H***. I live in the country and my kitties are happy outside.