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Useful Subsidiary materials :
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Leather I :
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An Instruction of Linen Fabric
The linen fabric has contracting properties.
Before you handle the linen fabric, it might be washed.
Some other linen has preshrunk (I called it to “Washing Linen”, “Washing Linen” has a process of washing.). So you don’t need to wash it.

Re) 20s weave, means that 20 tread fabric.
"20s weave" means the thickness of thread. Wnen make the thread of 1g, can be get 20m, it's 20s weave. eg, 1g-60m, 60s weave. the higher number would be excellent thread. But how to weave the thread will be a diversity fabric. So 20s weave's cotton and 20's weave's linen are totally different thickness.

How to wash the linen blended
How to wash the linen fabric (or cotton)
1. Put the linen (or cotton) in lukewarm water without a detergent
Tip, If you want to get the rough fabric then you’d rather put in COLD water.
2. Shake the fabric, hand-rub linen and rinse the fabric two or three times.
If you have Linen water or floral water, put them water at the last step of washing.
3. Dry out in the shade. And finished doing iron, if you like vintage items, it`s ok to skip ironing it will be makes natural wrinkles.